School Kid 3D is a game all about reliving the best days of your life. Through a series of levels and challenges, your goal is to get through your school days without being caught, bullied or getting into trouble. And much like in real life, it’s pretty tough.

Luckily though we’ve put a good deal of work into the game and discovered some hints, tips and tricks that we think are going to make your digital school days a complete breeze. Well, as much of a breeze as we can manage, anyway.

If you’ve got your own suggestions then we’d love to hear them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before we get there, though, here’s our guide to School Days 3D.

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Cheating Levels

The key to succeeding in cheating levels is avoiding getting caught. When an exclamation point appears above the head of the teacher, you should stop touching the screen and let your eyes rest on your own table. The teacher’s vision cone will move around, and it solidifies when it’s focused on you.

In levels with more than one teacher it can sometimes be a bit trickier to know when to have a glance at the other student’s works. So long as you’re smart, and don’t move when the vision cones are on you, you’ll be able to up your grade bit by bit.

Board Cleaning Levels

These are the easiest levels in the game. All you have to do is swipe the board until the game lets you stop. Sometimes it might look like you’ve completed the level, but the game will require more. Just keep swiping until the confetti falls and you’ll get the job done.

Tig Levels

In these levels you need to run around and tag the other children. Characters that are white need to be caught. Once you’ve captured them, they’ll turn purple and start following you around.

You need to watch out for the red characters though. If you get caught by one of those, then it’s game over. There’s no time limit, so move carefully and ensure that you’re not getting trapped in difficult corners.

Bus Levels

These can be quite tricky until you know what you have to do. The key to succeeding is getting enough people into the bus without blowing it up. That involves watching the colour the bus turns as you add more people to it.

When a bus starts to turn red, that means it’s getting to breaking point. Add too many more passengers and you’ll risk destroying the bus and failing the level. Ensure you stop stuffing the bus when it starts to turn red and you’ll do just fine.

Locker Levels

These levels are all about sorting items of the same sort into the same locker. There are 12 items and 16 spaces. Concentrate on one item, moving others around to make space. When a locker is full of a single item, it’ll close.

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