Brave Nine, the turn-based strategy game formerly known as Brown Dust, has just received its latest content update, adding a number of new elements and tweaks.

The new additions include four Dominus Octo Companions and a second Jump-Start Quest. 

In case you’ve never played it, Brave Nine is a hugely popular turn-based battler developed by Neowiz and GAMFS. It sees you collecting over 300 different characters, taking them through a lengthy PvE campaign, and battling them in PvP and Guild War contests. 

Over 110,000 players have left reviews for Brave Nine on the Google Play Store, giving it an impressive average of 4.4, while 3,400 users on iOS have given it an even more impressive average of 4.7, so it’s well-worth checking out. 

The four new Dominus Octo Companions are Luvencia, Aquila, Caldreas, and Lebyris, and they pair up with Lucius, Seto, Beliath, and Levia respectively, increasing their skill caps from 10 to 15 and thereby making them much more powerful. 

If you collect five of the same kind of the above companions, you’ll be able to wear their unique looks as Mercenary costumes.

Jump-Start Quests Give you Juicy Rewards

The second Jump-Start Quest gives you the opportunity to obtain a maxed out, ranked-up, awakened, +9 Legend Mercenary. In addition it lets you grab several other Mercenaries at 4 and 5 stars. 

Players who have already completed the first Jump-Start Quest can jump straight into the second with a 5-star Magician Mercenary and six different 4-star Mercenaries. 

New players, on the other hand, will get to start with Jump-Start Quest 1, picking up a Legend Mercenary after seven days of easy missions, from a choice of either Six Devils or Dominus Octo Group. After another seven days you’ll be able to pick the Legend Mercenary type you didn’t pick last time. 

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Download Brave Nine for free right now on Google Play and the App Store