Exos Heroes is already a hit in Korea, where it was released in November last year. Now, the acclaimed gacha RPG has launched globally, and is available in 149 countries.

Developed by Oozoo and published by LINE Games, Exos Heroes is a hero-collecting RPG with absolutely stunning graphics, as you can see in the trailer below. It’s set in a high fantasy universe, with more than 200 unique heroes to collect.

The action takes place on the Exos Continent, which is made up of five kingdoms. It kicks off when our heroes, Zeon the hunter and Iris, are dragged into both the murder of the emperor and the theft of Exestruk, a precious sword forged from the weapons of legendary heroes past.

As you make your way through the campaign, piloting an ancient airship and accompanied by a dragon called Bitru, you’ll unlock new story chapters, meeting different rivals and significant characters along the way. 

And through watching these characters conspire, squabble, and betray one another in a series of thrilling narrative twists and turns, you’ll gradually uncover the mystery behind your unfortunate implication in regicide and grand larceny. 

It’s a classic fantasy-RPG tale, told with flair and brought to life by stunningly rendered hand-drawn 3D characters and rich, detailed backdrops. The huge attack animations in particular are highly gratifying to watch.

But it’s the gameplay that really matters, and Exos Heroes is packed with stuff to do, from epic scenario quests to mini-games. There’s a gigantic world map to explore, too.

The combat is turn-based, with an innovative Guardian Stone system that allows you to ‘break’ an enemy, massively reducing their ability to absorb your attacks. 

And between bouts of violence you can summon heroes into your roster and interact with your fellow players. Interestingly, Exos Heroes features a community rating system for heroes, so you can see at a glance which ones your fellow players tend to like. 

If that’s not enough LINE Games are celebrating the global launch by gifting all new players 70,000 Gold, 300 Xes, 17 Golden Clocks (equal to 17 Draws value), as well as an exclusive Fatecore for Iris.

There will also be a number of in-game Grand Open events where you’ll be rewarding with various goodies every day if you complete a range of missions.

It’s a great prospect all round, with sublime visuals, an epic fantasy storyline, and meaty combat. You can download Exos Heroes for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.