Super Fowlst 2 [download from the App Store and Google Play Store] is a game with a bigger scope than its predecessors. Where the others were crazed, penned-in action thrashers, here there’s a more traditional focus. That’s not to say Super Fowlst 2 isn’t crazy though, because it definitely is.

The controls are super simple. Tap on the right of the screen to bounce right and up, tap on the left of the screen to bounce left and up. Using fast-paced combos of presses you need to navigate tight little levels, killing everything that moves as you do.

You’ll unlock new moves and upgrades as you play, but the basics remain the same throughout. Swiping up uses whatever power-up you’ve picked up, and – once you’ve unlocked it – swiping down will see you performing a hefty stomp move.

The levels change every time you play, so there’s no risk of things getting stale. They’re filled with foul beasts, spikes, spinning saws, pools of water and deadly bursts of flame. The controls might be simple, but staying alive while using them is anything but.

Enemies will fire lasers at you, electrocute you, poke you with deadly spikes and more. Luckily there are environmental hazards you can use to your advantage. Nudge an explosive box, or one filled with bees, and watch the glorious chaos unfold.

Super Fowlst 2 is full of the sort of rich, experimental gameplay that you’re going to fall in love with. There are secrets to unlock, new buffs to find and a whole load more. The first time you get to play as a chicken piloting a giant robot chicken we dare you not to cackle maniacally. It’s not possible.

Throw in massive bosses, a smart progression system and gorgeous cartoon graphics and you’re left with the perfect mobile game to waste a few minutes in. If those minutes turn into hours, don’t blame us though.

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