Endless Cards is the new game from the developer behind the excellent Mind Cards. At first glance you might think it’s a lighter game, but the deeper you get into the experience, the more you’re going to realise just how important playing strategically is.

The basics of the game involve swiping a character around a board. That board is made up of cards. Some of those cards are going to hurt you and some of them are going to help you. You’re aiming to collect gold and stay alive for as long as possible.

The gold you collect can be spent on item cards. These pop up at random when you play. Unlike the regular cards, these go into your inventory and you can use them whenever you’d like. They can shuffle the cards on the board, do damage to monsters and more.

Cards that you’ve swiped into disappear, leaving an empty space that you can’t move through. You need to make a certain number of moves before new cards appear on the board, so you can get stuck. That’s not the end of the game – you can pay some of your gold, lose all but one of your hitpoints or roll a dice and take double the damage of the roll to keep going.

The more you play, the longer you’re going to take over every swipe. It’s important to consider where you’re heading because it’s easy to get backed into a corner. You’ll unlock new characters as well, who add their own strengths and weaknesses to your play.

Endless Cards is a game that grows and grows the more you play it, but still manages to fit neatly into mobile-sized play sessions. Its mix of puzzling, RPG and block-sliding is fresh, and it stays fresh even after you’ve put a few hours into the experience.