MU Origin 2, the hugely popular mobile MMORPG from developer Webzen, has just hit version 3.1. 

The game, which sees you picking a class (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf) and venturing into a massive fantasy universe populated by millions of other players, started life all the way back in 2001, with the Korean PC MMO MU Online. 

Since then the mobile versions have flourished, with the first MU Origin recently hitting version 13.0.

The sequel is catching up fast, and this latest MU Origin 2 update adds a number of significant new features to the game. 

First up, there’s a new class called Magic Gladiator. To access it, you’ll need to be at level 120 or above, at which point you can choose between a STR and an ENG gladiator. 

Magic Gladiator can equip Dark Knight and Dark Wizard one-handed weapons, but not Elf ones. There are already some types of Magic Gladiator Archangel Weapons available in the game, with different options available depending on the type – STR or ENG.

Next, there’s Abyss Castle Siege. Only available while the Abyss world is open, Abyss Castle Siege allows guild members with the title Loren Lord to participate. To apply, players will need to submit their Loren Badge to Lanst, located in Elvelands, with the top three highest bidders eligible to participate. 

Submissions are open until 20:30 every Wednesday, while the Abyss Castle Siege takes place between 21:30 and 22:00. The guild master from the winning guild is qualified to host an Abyss Feast, as well as receiving a time-limited wing costume and honor title. 

Also included in the new update is Abyss Arena, where players from the same Abyss group can compete for the top spot. To compete, you’ll need to be at level 300 or above, with rewards calculated at five to midnight every day and sent to the winners’ mailboxes. 

There’s a lot more in the 3.1 update, including Couple Dungeon, where married couples can enter a dungeon together, earning wedding ring enhance materials in the process, and Couple Skills, such as Beautiful Encounter, Heavy Longing, and Warm Love. Phew!

These let you do things like resurrect each other, activate buffs, gain additional EXP from field monsters, and so on. 

This is a truly massive update, with a huge amount of new stuff to explore. To check it out, download MU Origin 2 for free on Google Play and the App Store right now.