SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off is a cooking game starring everyone’s favourite resident of Bikini Bottom. It might be bright and cartoony, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to give you an easy ride. Think of it more like Squidward than Patrick.

But don’t you worry, dear reader, because we’ve played a good chunk of the game and discovered plenty of its secrets. In this article you’re going to find the advice you need to make sure your undersea restaurant is the best in the business.

Have you played the game? Maybe you’ve got your own helpful ideas that you’d like to share? Well please do in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, here are all the hints, tips and tricks we’ve found.

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Speed is Important

The last thing you want in your restaurant is disgruntled customers. Serve them too slow and your earnings will go down. Wait too long before delivering a meal and your customer will walk out. You need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How do you do that? Well it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve always got something cooking. That way when a new customer comes in you can give them what they want super quickly. It’s also a good idea to stagger big orders.

What does that mean? If someone is looking for, for example, two types of pancake and a coffee, you can deliver that in chunks. Every part of their order will cheer them up, which gives you extra time to cook. Don’t worry about delivering everything at the same time, the game world is different from the real world.

Upgrade Whenever You Can

The better the equipment in your kitchen, the more food you can make and the quicker you can serve your customers. Check regularly to see if you’ve got enough cash to get some new kitchen equipment, and do everything you can to speed up its delivery.

If you’re not upgrading, you’re going to be surprised how quickly you get overwhelmed. Often the game will recommend which pieces of equipment you need to upgrade. You should definitely pay attention and focus on upgrading those first.

Check Your Goals

Every level you’re going to have a slightly different goal. You might need to avoid losing customers, avoid losing food, or feed as many people as possible. Checking the level description before you start will ensure you know what’s what.

You might need to change your style a little bit depending on what your current goal is. Slowing things down a bit when you’re trying to avoid burning food is a good idea, and speeding up when you’re trying to avoid losing customers will help too.

Use Boosters

Boosters are a great way to get through tricky levels. The game is going to throw some spanners in the works of your finely running food machine, as you might expect, so don’t be afraid to level the playing field by using boosters.

It’s a good idea to wait and see how tough a level is before deciding to use a booster. Losing a life isn’t the end of the world, but wasting a booster on a level you could have completed without it is going to leave you frustrated.

Get What You Can

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off is a free to play game, which means you’re going to be getting lots of rewards while you play. Watch out for notifications letting you know you’ve completed an achievement or unlocked something new.

The more in-game money and gems you’ve got, the easier it’s going to be to upgrade your kitchen to a decent level. That might mean watching videos to get more coins, or completing achievements to get more gems. You should take every opportunity to get more of the currencies though, it’ll definitely help you in the long run.

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