The prime directive of a kart racing game is to put a smile on your face. Sure, they have to nail the mechanics of the experience as well, but if you’re not grinning from ear to ear while you play then you’re unlikely to stick with them for long. And we’re glad to say that KartRider Rush+ nails both of those things.

The first thing you’re going to notice about the game is how good it looks. The cartoon graphics, replete with super-bright primary colours and chunky models, are perfectly designed to pull up the corners of your mouth.

And that polish extends into the rest of the game. To begin with the game explains things slowly, walking you through the basics in some tutorials and easy races. The more you play, the more options and modes you unlock, and the more comfortable you get with ins and outs of the game.

You can take away the hand-holding once you’re confident enough, which is a really nice touch and makes sure everyone is on a reasonably level playing field. The different modes offer up different kinds of challenges – some have weapons and boosts, others are just about crossing the finish line first.

The most interesting is the team race. Here you’re blasting out rockets and nitro boosts, trying to make sure one of the players on your side is eventually the winner. There’s a story mode too, and plenty more. KartRider Rush+ is a game that’s always giving you something to do – and all of those things are an awful lot of fun.

There’s a massive community around the game already, so there’s hardly ever a wait for a race. You’re always collecting things, always earning something and always ready for the next challenge that KartRider Rush+ is going to throw at you.

This is a brilliant, engaging, bright and entertaining racer that fulfils the grin requirement of the kart genre with aplomb. Pick it up, burn some rubber and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Download KartRider Rush+ from the App Store and Google Play Store