MU Origin, the long-running MMORPG from Webzen, will enter its version 13.0 incarnation on May 7th with a massive content update.

The star of the show is Genesis War, a new solo-play, real-time reverse PvP event to be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8 and 8.20pm (server time). Playing in Genesis War nets you the powerful Light of Ares buff, which lets you deal increased Reverse attack damage.

On top of that, the player who comes first in a Genesis War event gets an exclusive, coveted Flame of Primal title, while all participants will get materials to enhance their seals. 

Genesis War consists of five floors, and to go from one to the next you simply have to reach the required kill count, after which you’ll get a handy five second window of invincibility. It’s a classic bloodbath situation. 

If you get killed you’ll be resurrected, but if you die too many times you’ll drop down a floor and your death count will be zeroed. Also, the number of points you get for killing other players gets higher as you ascend through the floors. You’ll earn survival points for staying alive, too. 

Genesis of Greatness

You can enter Genesis War after level 30, by looking in My Character > Reverse > Genesis War. 

The 13.0 update also adds a feature called Ruins Assault, an event that takes place every Friday from 9.20 to 10.10pm, though the first floor is only open until 9.25pm (server time). 

Ruins Assault is a guild tournament that lets you acquire various Hero Runes, as well as earning ranking points for your guild. Participants also get the aforementioned Light of Ares buff. 

There are five floors to Ruins Assault, with varying level requirements. You only need to be Reverse level 1 to reach floors one to three, but by the time you hit floor five you’ll need to be level 140. 

As well as these huge events, the MU Origin 13.0 also adds Mount Seals and Hero Runes to power-up your characters and mounts, so there’s going to be plenty to get your teeth into when the update drops on May 7th.

In the meantime you can download MU Origin for free right now on Google Play and the App Store