Every week there are a whole bunch of new games released for iPhone, iPad and Android. Sometimes digging through them to find the gems can be pretty time-consuming. So we thought it was a good idea to save you a few hours and dig through them ourselves.

We’ve picked four games that came out this week that we reckon are definitely worth playing. And we’ve stuck download links to the App Store and the Google Play Store, so you’re only a click away from a brilliant new mobile gaming experience.

Got your own suggestions for new games people should be playing? Then feel free to stick them in the comments section at the bottom of the article – we’d love to hear them.

Ready Set Goat!

Ever wanted to jump around as a pixel-art goat? Well you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what Ready Set Goat lets you do. Tap once to jump, tap twice to double jump. The aim of the game? Smash as many enemies on the head as you can.

Get touched by an enemy and it’s game over, so you need to concentrate and make every leap count. Think Super Crate Box, but with a leaping goat and no weaponry and you’ve pretty much got it. This is a wonderful arcade blast that’ll keep your fingers busy for a good long while.

Download Ready Set Goat! from the App Store and the Google Play Store

Zombie Gunfire

A third-person shooter that sees you mowing down waves of the hungry undead. You’re fixed to the spot, so you need to focus on lining up your shots and making every bullet count. When the zombies get too close you can shove them back, but it’s best to avoid getting overrun.

The game looks gorgeous, and the shooting is just the right side of frantic. It’ll keep you entertained, but there’s none of the fiddly annoyance that sometimes accompanies mobile shooters. There’s a cathartic crunch to the violence that we reckon will leave a smile on your face.

Download Zombie Gunfire from the App Store and Google Play Store

Dirt Bike Unchained

Most of us can’t get out and get dirty right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some skids and do some sick jumps on a super-powered dirt bike. Well, it does, but Dirt Bike Unchained lets you get most of the thrills of the sport from the comfort of the palm of your hand.

The game is sort of like an over-the-shoulder Tiny Wings, with added powerslides and a focus on winning races instead of getting as far as you can. There are upgrades to unlock and new riders to defeat. And the game manages to capture not just the thrill but the feel of riding a motorbike through the world’s best filth.

Download Dirt Bike Unchained from the App Store and Google Play Store


A character-collecting midcore RPG with a few twists. For one thing, the combat is based on dice rolls. Some of the dice let you move and some let you use special attacks. You get to re-roll as many of them as you’d like once per turn. There’s strategy, there’s randomness and there’s always something to fight.

The game looks good, and there’s an awful lot for you to sink your teeth into. It’s nice to see some variation in a genre that can often feel stale too. This is the sort of game you’re going to lose hours to without even realising, and it comes highly recommended.

Download Ironwatch from the App Store and Google Play Store