What do you want from a mobile shooter? Well, if you’re anything like us you want responsive controls, gorgeous graphics, frantic action and games that it only takes a few seconds to jump into. Dino Squad, the upcoming prehistoric blaster from the dev behind War Robots, certainly looks like it’s going to tick all of those boxes.

The game is currently in beta on iOS and Android, and we’ve played a big chunk of the pre-launch version. The game sees you taking control of a dinosaur that’s armed to the teeth with enormous weapons. You’re in a team with other players and the aim of the game is to capture towers.

The more towers you’re in control of, the more points you’re going to score. It’s not just a case of standing in the right spot though – you need to shoot towers to wrest them from the control of the other team. When a tower is yours, it’ll heal you when you stand within its ring.

There are different dinosaurs to chose from, though you can only take a drop team of three into a fight – a small, medium and large. Different dinosaurs have different roles.

Our current favourite is the nippy raptor. It’s got a shotgun on its back and its special move involves charging at an enemy and biting it – not only does the attack do damage, it heals you as well.

The action is super fast and brutal, and the controls are some of the slickest we’ve ever used. Movement is precise, and the shooting and special move buttons are easily within reach.

Oh, and on top of that the game looks amazing. Every battle pops, from the explosions to the character models. The upgrade system is smart too, with your dinos getting tougher and more fearsome the more work you put in.


There might be a bit too much grind for more seasoned players, and some will baulk at the free to play model, but in all honesty it’s one of the best we’ve seen.

Dino Squad is shaping up to be one of the best mobile games of 2020. It’s fast and fierce, it’s full of explosions and dinosaurs and it’s difficult not to play with a smile on your face.