Sometimes when you pick up a game you’re just looking for catharsis. You’re looking to let off some steam and hide away from the crazy world for a while. In other words, you’re looking to smack something with impunity. And that’s exactly what 2 Grind 2 Furious lets you do.

On top of that it’s a warm, welcoming cartoon experience that’s dripping with good humour, bright colours, and loads of fun. There’s a compulsive nature to the experience as well – you always want to go a bit further, you always want to beat your high scores. In other words, it’s a brilliant pocket-sized blast.

The game is all about smacking items with a big bat. Once you’ve done that they’ll fly through the sky, collecting gold, gems and other bits and bobs as they do. They’ll also smash a load of stuff, which is super fun to watch. 

Powerful Smacks

As you play you’ll upgrade your power, enabling you to smack the broccoli, clocks and other items that you’re hitting even farther. You’ll also spend coins on your score multiplier and add more jumps to your repertoire. Tapping on the screen uses those jumps, making you fly through the air for even longer.

There’s also spinning, which you can do by swiping on the screen. Hit the ground with enough spin and you’ll make your run even longer. You can use spinning saws to get a boost as well. And when you come to a stop there’s a satisfying plunger you can poke to blow up.

2 Grind 2 Furious is one of those games that you can’t help but play. And you can’t help but play it with a smile on your face. The destruction is just the right side of crazy, and there’s enough interaction that you feel like you’re responsible for it. Looking to let off some steam? Then 2 Grind 2 Furious is the game for you.