2 Grind 2 Furious is the sort of sequel to Don’t Grind! This time around it’s all about smacking various items as far as you can. It’s a simple set-up, but there are depths to the game that you’re going to need to understand to get the best scores.

Which is where this guide comes in. We’ve put a good amount of work into the game and we reckon we’ve uncovered some hints, tips and tricks that are going to make sure that every time you play 2 Grind 2 Furious you’re going to be nailing it.

If you’ve got your own advice then do stick it in the comments at the bottom of the article – caring is sharing after all. Before we get to that though, here are the tips and tricks that we’ve discovered.

Always Hit the Orange Space

At the start of every run you need to tap to launch. You’ll see a bar along the top of the screen, and you need to be tapping when it’s in the small orange space near the top.

Go too far the other way and you’ll land in the red, which will be a scuff. A scuff won’t get whatever you’re smacking very far, and that’s just a waste of a go.

Aim to tap when the meter is just below the orange circle – even if you’re close you’re going to get a decent thwack in.

Spin Hard

You should start spinning when you’ve used up all of your jumps. Don’t hold back though, swipe on the screen for all your worth. The faster you’re spinning when you hit the ground, the more extra metres you’re going to add to your run.

Even when it looks like you’ve come to a stop it’s worth keeping swiping. You might get a little farther, and a few extra metres can often bag you even more special rewards.

Make Your Sets

Collecting sets of characters will get you massive rewards, both coins and gems. When you’ve got the chance to complete a set, it’s well worth trying to take it.

When you’ve got three keys you can unlock chests, and the game will let you know whether the chests you’re opening contain the characters you need to complete your collections. If you don’t bag them, watch some videos to get more keys.

In the grabber game, which costs 50 gems to play, items from sets you’ve nearly completed will be surrounded by pulsing light. Try and grab them, and if you miss and the game gives you the option to get more gems by watching a video you should definitely do it.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Whenever you’ve got the coins to upgrade, you should spend them. First focus on your power and your multiplier. Then, when the game tells you you can’t add more power without adding more jumps, save up and do just that.

You’ll often be given the chance to watch videos to upgrade – again, focus on using these to get more powerful and up your multiplier. The more gold you get from your runs, the more you’ll be able to upgrade – it’s a self fulfilling prophecy in the best possible way.