It’s fair to say that Game of Thrones hasn’t had a brilliant track record when it comes to mobile games. There have been some decent attempts, some engaging mistakes and some stinky turds. Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is the latest attempt to bring the TV show to smaller screens, and it’s probably the best yet.

If you’re worried that it’s just another gacha hero game, then fret not. Sure there are characters to collect, including some super rare stars of the TV series, but there’s a much meatier game here than you might imagine.

That meat comes from the tactical battle system. Where other games of a similar ilk focus on flashy attacks that basically happen without your input, here you’re not only choosing who and when to attack, you’re moving around the grid-based levels too.

The game is set a few decades before the events of the TV show. You’re the commander of the Night’s Watch and it’s up to you to defend the wall against the northern enemies. There’s a decent story here and fans of the show and books are definitely going to recognise some names, faces and events.

Game of Modes

As you might imagine there are loads of different modes built around the combat. Some of them let you play as the likes of Jon Snow and Dany, bouncing around the timeline thanks to the magical power of wierwood trees. 

The battles are short and sharp, and it’s fair to say they’re not the most varied. Still, it’s nice to play a midcore game that actually encourages you to use your brain rather than softly suggesting that letting it play itself is the best idea.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is an entertaining distraction. It’s better than the last series of the show, in that it won’t leave you confused or furious, but it’s still not the mobile Game of Thrones experience a lot of us are waiting for.

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