Wheel Smash is, as you might be able to guess, a game about smashing things with a wheel. You control everything with a single finger, swiping to crush anything that gets in your way.

It might not sound very nuanced, but there are actually some hidden depths here. And you’re going to want to discover them in order to get the best scores. Luckily you’re not going to have to find them all out on your own though – we’ve played the game loads and this guide will tell you about all the tips and secrets we’ve discovered.

Have you spent some time with Wheel Smash? Got your own ideas to share? Then make sure you do in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, let’s get on with the hints, tips and tricks.

Take Your Time

In earlier levels it might feel like frantic swiping is the only way forward, but as the game adds more obstacles, that just isn’t the case. Ramps and spikes and swinging arms are all going to try and block your way. They require a far more measured approach.

This isn’t the case in some of the levels, which we’ll discuss next, but for the main part taking things one swipe at a time is the best way. Don’t be afraid to wait and check the timing of an obstacle before rolling through it.

Know Your Levels

Sometimes the game changes slightly and you need to know what to do in those instances. In races, you should just swipe as quickly as you can on the screen – your aim is to get to the end of the track before the other wheel.

Then there are smash arenas, which see you trying to crush as many things as possible. Here you want to swipe three times to the left then three times to the right to make sure you’re smashing everything and getting as many points as you can.

What do Gems do?

You can spend your gems on unlocking new wheels. These don’t change the way the game plays, but they do change up the look. If you want to collect them all you’ll also need to watch videos and unlock chests. There are nine you can buy from the shop and they’ll set you back 1000 gems each.

Race for the Exit

When you’re getting close to the end of a level you’re going to want to do one last big swipe. This is going to push your wheel forward and ensure that you’re picking up as many of the last gems as you can.