Hitmasters is a gory and entertaining puzzle game that takes the basic shape of Angry Birds and then strips it back. Sure, that makes it simpler, but there are some hints and tricks that can really make your life as a gun-toting spy-assassin better.

Thankfully, we’ve played the game loads and we know exactly what those hints and tricks are. Which is why we’ve written this guide to make sure that every shot you’re taking is going to be a bullseye. 

These tips and tricks are aimed at anyone playing the game, whether you’ve picked it up today or been playing for a few weeks. Make sure you let us know any helpful hints you might have discovered in the comments section below. 

Think Before You Shoot

Before you make your shot, look at the obstacles around you and the position of the bad guys. Sure you might be able to take the goons down with one shot each, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an easier way.

Starting a chain reaction in the right place can often kill everyone on the level in one fell swoop. Look for platforms to know out, bombs to blow up and balls to set rolling. Sometimes it’s the only way to get things done. Remember this is a puzzler as well as a shooter – going in guns blazing isn’t always going to be the best course of action.

Unlocking Modes

There are four different modes to unlock in the game, each using a different style of weapon. We’ll get to those next. Unlocking the different modes is pretty simple – you just need to kill bosses.

After you’ve done that, you’ll get a percentage of a special weapon. Once you’ve got 100% of that weapon, the new mode will be available to you. You can switch between different modes from the main menu, and can also see how many levels there are before you hit a boss.

Know Your Weapon

When you unlock a new mode it’s important to know what the new weapon does. There are little animations that explain what’s what, and watching and understanding them is going to put you in prime position to come out firing on all cylinders.

It’s particularly important to figure out the best way to use the gravity-style guns. These suck objects towards you and then let you fire them. It’s not just scenery you can pull though – you can grab enemies too.

Other weapons have their own special uses that you’re going to have to discover. Experiment where you can and figure out how to use the weapons in the best way possible.

Keep Hostages Safe

Some levels have innocent by-standers in them, and killing one will see you fail. It’s fine to take more time and consider just what to do in those situations. Remember there are loads of different ways to kill people – including falling, getting hit, getting spiker and more.

Sometimes it’s really obvious how to protect the hostages, other times it’s a little less clear. Think about all the possible accidents your shots might make before you take them, and you should be able to keep all those citizens breathing.