Blend it 3D is a game – surprise, surprise – about blending things. It’s a hypercasual experience that almost anyone is going to be able to pick up and play. That doesn’t mean it’s easy though. There are plenty of little tricks and tips that can ensure every juice you make it a delicious treat .

And that’s what this guide is for. We’ve played a lot of the game, and we’ve uncovered some hints that we think are going to make your juice bar the greatest the world has ever seen. Even if you’ve already embarked on a blending career, there should be something here that’ll help you out.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got your own helpful hints to share, so make sure to add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. In the meantime though, here’s everything you need to know to make the best juices in Blend it 3D.

Be Perfect

The first thing you need to do to succeed in Blend it 3D is hit those yellow lines. Everything you’re blending has a mark on it to show you when to stop and you don’t want to be going too far under or over that.

Getting your timing right is key. You don’t need to be perfect every time, but making sure you’re close every time means you’re likely to get the best star rating at the end of your mixing. Sometimes you might miss, but if you’re quick enough you can poke whatever you’re blending back in before it’s retracted in order to finish off.

Check the Pictures

Next, you need to know that the game isn’t just about blending. Once you’ve made your drink, you also need to put it in a glass and then decorate it. Choosing the right glass and the right decoration is the only way to get three stars when you’re done.

Picking a decoration is just half of the battle though. There are three, and as soon as you tap one it’ll be placed on your glass. A sliding bar at the top of the screen shows you where the perfect placement is, so make sure you tap when the bar is in the right position or you’ll be penalised.

Unlock Ingredients

The more ingredients – including glasses and decorations – you have, the more drinks you’ll be able to make. There are special drinks that unique characters ask for, and you can only make when you’ve got the right items. When you’ve made one you’ll get an even bigger reward. 

You’ll get ingredients from watching videos, making those special drinks and spinning the special wheels that pop up from time to time. 

Spend Your Coins

The coins you get for completing drinks can be used towards upgrading your facilities. At the start of every day you’ll see what you can spend your cash on – items that can be upgraded are marked with a green arrow.

You can also watch videos to upgrade certain objects, so don’t be afraid to do that if your coffers are running a little low.

Watch out for Rotten Fruit

Sometimes the game throws rotten versions of the fruit you need to blend into the mix. Check carefully before you select what you’re going to be pushing in the blender, as some of them look remarkably similar to their non-moldy kin. 

Sometimes special characters will actually request you mix in some fruit or veg that looks like it should be tossed in the bin. For the most part though, you’re going to want to avoid making your customers drink compost fodder.