Playing something calming and relaxing probably feels like a good idea right now. Which is probably why Perfect Cream is so high on the App Store charts right now. It’s a game that sees you covering delicious treats with even more delicious cream – what’s not to like about that?

While the game is really easy to pick up and play, you’re likely going to have questions about some of the mechanics. Don’t worry though, we’ve put a good chunk of our time into the game and we’ve come up with some hints and tips, as well as the answers to any of those pesky conundrums. 

If you’ve got your own ideas of how to make the perfect cake in Perfect Cream then we’d love to hear them. Make sure you add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Now though, on with the guide.

How to Play

There are a couple of important things you need to know when you’re first starting out with Perfect Cream. First, you need to make sure you’re not wasting cream. You lose cream by pushing on the screen when your nozzle isn’t over one of the cakes you’re trying to coat.

You also need to know that the better you do in a level, the quicker the conveyor belt is going to become. Thumbs-ups and smiley faces will let you know when you’ve nailed a topping, and you should be aiming to get them as often as possible. We’ll go into the reasons why soon.

Those are the two basic facts of Perfect Cream though. Nail it and things speed up, waste cream and you’re going to be grinding much longer to unlock everything the game has to offer.

What Are Stars For?

The star-rating you get at the end of each level go towards unlocking new items for you to coat in cream. The higher the rating, the more chunks of the next object you unlock. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re not wasting your cream, because it can knock down that rating.

That’ll make it take longer to get everything the game has to offer, so being precise with your cream distribution should be your goal. Don’t worry if you miss every now and then, but if you’re doing it regularly you’re going to need to try and cut it out.

What Are Coins For?

You spend these on upgrading your cream cake shop. The additions are entirely aesthetic, but they give the game a sense of progress that other casual experiences don’t have. You’ll see the shop upgrade button on the main page of the game, and when you’ve got enough coins it’s a good idea to spend them and unlock the next one.

You’ll get coins by playing, but the biggest rewards come from the lock-boxes. You can open these with keys that you’ll pick up in the game, or by watching videos. 

What do Different Nozzles And Creams do?

Again, these are basically just aesthetic additions. The same goes for the different styles of cream that you can unlock. They’re another little piece of progression, and you can see a list of them to check which ones you’ve got from the main page.

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