At Gamezebo we occasionally like to test our hardware. And hardware doesn’t get much higher end than EPOS. So when we had the chance to check out the EPOS|Sennheiser GSP 370 – a high-end wireless gaming headset – we were keen to give it a spin.

The key stats for the headset are impressive at a glance – 100 hours of battery life, a wireless low-latency connection, and compatibility with PC, Mac, and the PS4. What’s really impressive is that this is a headset that actually manages to live up to the numbers and technical jargon.

What’s most pleasing straight off the bat is the ease of which you can have it out of the box and up and running. One issue we’ve often found with gaming headsets is all the faff in getting it set up. When it came to the EPOS|Sennheiser GSP 370 that wasn’t really an issue though.

The GSA 370 dongle – included with the headset, naturally – simply plugs into the USB connector on your console and we didn’t find any issue with it syncing up pretty much automatically. 

During the games we played (on PC) there was no lag either, with only rare minimal background noise present during online matches. For the majority of the time we used the GSP 370 voices were crisp and explosions were bassy without being overpowering. The noise cancelling microphone also received praise from those we played with (after we asked them about it, naturally).

In addition to this you can – and probably should – download the Sennheiser Gaming Suite for free to use with the headset, which allowed us to make individual sound adjustments on desktop. It’s all fairly simple to use, in keeping with the rest of the headset really. Despite the high price tag this isn’t a piece of kit that wants to lock itself away from casual tech enthusiasts.  

There are the options to fine-tune your headset experience if you want them too. Which we certainly did. You can choose from a range of surround sound options, and there’s also an equalizer and different ways to have your microphone set up just as you like them. Again they’re all easy to understand even for audio amateurs.

Then there’s the build quality of the unit, which is hugely impressive even for the price. It’s solid without being too weighty, and is comfortable to wear for long periods. After hours of use no signs of wear and tear could be seen either.

Overall, the EPOS|Sennheiser GSP 370 is a headset that won’t get uncomfortable after extensive use – and coupled with the impressive battery life you have a piece of tech that lives up to its sizeable price. You can find more about it on the Sennheiser website here.