At its heart, War Tortoise 2 is an idle game, but you shouldn’t let that put you off too much. This is one game with much more meat on its bones than you might think at first glance. It’s definitely better looking than its predecessor as well, with chunky graphics and some really excellent lighting effects. 

You’re in control of the titular tortoise, or at least you’re in control of the guns on its back. Swiping a finger around the screen moves those guns, and when your crosshair lands on an enemy you’ll shoot automatically. Basically if anything moves in your vision, you should try and kill it.

To start with you’ve got a single gun and not much health, but as you play you’ll unlock new weapons and toughen up your shell-clad killing machine. The shooting itself isn’t exactly beefy, but it’s more diverting than the usual staring-at-the-screen skills you need to do well in other idle adventures.

There are also units to unlock that aid you in your battle against the frogs, insects, arachnids and other crawly terrors that are trying to stop your progress. The cash you get from kills can be used to upgrade and unlock these, and you’re going to need a band of hearty fighters if you want to see everything the game has to offer.

Tortoise On The Menu

A good chunk of your time is going to be spent in menus, choosing what upgrades to pay for and figuring out how long you’re going to need to save for others. There are a couple of currencies, with cash getting you the basics and blue coins getting you the real game-changers.

Heroes and Pilots make things more interesting. You can change the driver of your tortoise, or the Pilot, to rack up more damage, but they’re not cheap. The same goes for Heroes – these are massive units that smash anything that moves, but you’re going to need a good chunk of coins to unlock them.

War Tortoise 2 is a lovely diversion – spend too much time with it and the cracks start to show, but if you’re dipping in and out you’re going to be doing it with a smile on your face.