Lords Mobile is four.

To celebrate its birthday IGG has come with a huge 4th Anniversary update, adding events, rewards, and a whole new upgrade tier for troops. The age of the T5 Troop has begun. 

For the uninitiated, Lords Mobile is an epic MMORPG set in a huge fantasy world, complete with faux medieval political institutions and dragons. It’s incredibly popular, with millions of players from around the world engaging in brutal warfare every day. 

In fact, in its four short years Lords Mobile has 320 million users playing it every day – which means more or less endless opportunities for alliances, skirmishes, and so on.

Its players seem to like it, too. Across the game’s three versions – Android, iOS, and Steam – it has attracted nearly five million reviews, with an average of over 4 stars. 

And that was before T5 Troops entered the fray. Here’s how you get your hands on these cutting edge fighting machines. 

A T5 Troop is basically a T4 Troop with Luminous Gear. To create that, you’ll need to build a Lunar Foundry, by reaching Academy Level 25, clearing Skirmish 2 and unlocking Lustrous Mine. 

Lords almighty

Strictly speaking your Lunar Foundry doesn’t create Luminous Gear. It produces Lunite, which you can use to craft Luminous Gear as long as you’ve also got Food, Timber, Ore, Gold, and Stones. Naturally, you can speed the process up with Speed Up Crafting. 

Lunite is versatile stuff. Not only is it a vital ingredient of Luminous Gear, but it can also be used to heal troops that have been wounded in battle. 

Alongside this new content, IGG is hosting an anniversary event. For eight days you’ll get a gift for every day you log in, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of Research Rush, which cuts the time and expense of research by 30%. 

You can download Lords Mobile for free right now on Google Play, the App Store, and Steam.