Shadowgun War Games is mobile’s answer to Overwatch by the team that brought you Shadowgun Legends. It’s a hero shooter in which you and up to four other players battle an opposing team in two different multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

If you haven’t played a hero shooter before, or are simply struggling to find your feet, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks for you below that shuld help. We’ll walk you through how the experience works before providing more in-depth tips.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure whether or not Shadowgun War Games is worth your time, we’ve just written a review that details our experience with the game so far. You can read it right here.

Shadowgun War Games Beginner’s Guide

How it Works

If you’ve played a hero shooter before, Shadowgun War Games should be instantly familiar. Following a brief tutorial that walks you through the basics, you’ll head on out into multiplayer battles against real opponents.

You simply pick your preferred mode of play, which is likely Team Deathmatch at this point as Capture the Flag isn’t available for beginners, and hit ‘Play’. Within seconds you’ll be in a match with real opponents.

Following a brief warm-up during which you can go crazy gunning down your opponents, you’ll get a chance to pick the hero you want to play as. Right now that will be limited to three options: Slade, Revenant, and Sara.

Slade is probably your best bet, as he’s a balanced damage dealer class. Both of his assault rifle weapons are decent at all ranges and his grenade can deal solid AoE damage to anyone it hits. He’s also got a heal, which can get you out of trouble in a heartbeat.

Revenant is also a fairly solid choice for beginners too, mind. He’s got a huge healthbar and his Roar special skill can temporarily disable those in front of you. You can also use Inner Rage to soak up damage when you’re in trouble, while increasing your movement speed to get out of trouble.

Lastly, there’s Sara, who is a little bit trickier to play. She has fairly balanced stats and good speed, which you’ll need to get out of trouble. Her skills include Healing Blast, which heal all nearby allies, and Protection Dome, which absorbs enemy fire. She’s a great support character.

Regardless of who you pick, the gameplay largely remains the same. You’ll run around killing enemies while supporting your allies. The team that picks up the most kills during the duration of the match, wins. It’s that simple.

Once out of the match you’ll rank up and you may have completed a challenge or two, which will help you fly up the Battle Pass rankings, earning a selection of rewards as you go.

Tips and Tricks

  • Lower your sensitivity: We found that lowering our sensitivity helped massively when it comes to accuracy. The default settings were just a bit too sensitive for our liking, but as soon as we switched to around 35-40 we had a much easier time.
  • Pick a hero that suits your playstyle: While we recommend Slade as a starter hero, you may end up having a better time with Revenant or Sara. Experiment with all three of them until you find one that suits you the most.
  • Get stuck in: Don’t be afraid, as fortune favours the bold in Shadowgun War Games. You won’t win your team any points by hanging back so get stuck in and shoot the enemy team into oblivion. Stick with your teammates if you’re intimidated.
  • Collect power-ups: Power-ups can heal you among other properties, and they’re usually just lying around the arena. Between battles, figure out what you need and run and get it as a power-up.
  • Get your daily rewards: Each day, you’ll get a free reward just from logging into the game. You might as well do it if you plan on playing longterm, as you don’t get an awful lot for free in this game.