BitLife is wishing everyone a happy new year with a brand new update that adds loads of new ways to be naughty. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of these new ways – as well as the other new stuff.

We’ve run an awful lot of content on BitLife at this point, so if you’re looking for anything else, check out our Complete Guide.

BitLife Version 1.29 Guide

Juvenile Detention

If you’re naughty as a kid in BitLife, you can now get sent to juvenile detention. This is basically prison for minors, and it can lead to some pretty hilarious new interactions. Glancing through Twitter, we saw a particular incident where a player ran into trouble with another inmate who didn’t like people who don’t play BitLife. Good stuff.


Delinquency is just committing a crime as a young person. Really, we should have added this section before juvenile detention so the addition of prison for minors makes more sense. But we didn’t. And here we are.

You can be a delinquent in a number of different ways, from assaulting another minor to attempted murder and taking what isn’t yours. We’ve even seen a 12 year old convicted of Credit Card Fraud.

Bank Robbery

You can now rob banks as a new earner. Judging from Twitter, you’ll choose a costume to wear, weapon to wield, and getaway vehicle. We saw one particular Twitter user dress up as Darth Vader, which is a great idea.


It’s strange that this wasn’t already an option, but you can now steal stuff you want, but can’t afford, from shops. That’s what shoplifting is.

Porch Piracy

What’s Porch Piracy, we hear you ask? We hadn’t heard of this before it was introduced to BitLife either. The name makes sense when you know though: it’s walking up to someone’s porch and stealing parcels that have been left. This probably happens more often than we think, what with delivery drivers just dumping your stuff wherever they can these days.

You can choose which porch you rob from too, so if you’ve got a rich neighbour you can end up nabbing some sweet new stuff. Unless, of course, a life of crime isn’t for you.

Train Robbery

Speaking of a life of crime, robbing from a train is as naughty as it gets really, so it’s a good thing that it’s included in BitLife now. Reports on Twitter seem to conclude that robbing a train is notoriously difficult to pull off – mostly because trains never run on time. Apparently that’s as true in BitLife as in real life, so potential robbers are just stood by the tracks waiting for a train to come that never arrives. In the rain.

Childhood Boosts

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. You can now give yourself a statistical boost during childhood, rather than just adulthood. It works in exactly the same manner too, with you simply choosing which of the statistics you want to boost, including: Happiness, Looks, Health, or Intelligence.

Help Centre

You can now get answers to popular questions in BitLife itself, thanks to the new help centre. We think that’s really helpful, as BitLife is a deep and complex experience, which is why we’ve run so many guides up to this point. Hopefully you’ll still pop over every now and then and ask for help from us. *Sniff*

The Rest

This is where we add the boring stuff, which is actually in short supply this week. There are a bunch of interface updates, textual content, and squished bugs. That pretty much sums it up really.