Warface: Global Operations is here to try and take Call of Duty Mobile’s crown with its own spin on mobile multiplayer shooting. It’s based on the PC and console shooter of the same name, and features lots of equipment to unlock, weapons to upgrade, and cosmetic skins to acquire.

In this guide, we’re going to take a good hard look at Warface: Global Operations and provide you with a bunch of tips and tricks that will propel you throughout the experience. You can also check out our review to learn more about the experience as a whole.

Warface: Global Operations Guide

Combat Tips and Tricks

Below, we’re going to list a bunch of tips that really helped us in terms of combat.

  • Aim for the head: This is as true for Warface as it is for any online shooter – if you shoot your enemies in the head, they’ll go down quicker. You’ll want to navigate your chosen weapon’s recoil though, as it will make this difficult.
  • Repair armour if it’s over half damaged: Armour is expensive and you don’t have an unlimited supply, so we’d recommend only repairing when you need to. If your armour is over half full after a combat encounter, you’re probably fine. Below that? Go ahead and repair.
  • Use grenades against groups: Grenades are insanely powerful in Warface, and can clear out a group of enemies in mere seconds. Whenever you face a group, chuck in a grenade. Even if you get one, that evens the odds a bit in your favour.
  • Play the objective: Warface only features two different modes: team deathmatch and control. Whatever you’re playing, play the objective. During team deathmatch, hunt down your opponents in packs and kill them. During control, you want to basically ignore the opposition unless you’re fighting them at a control point.
  • Only use ironsights if they’re far away: Unlike CoD Mobile, you don’t really need to rely on your ironsights as much in Warface: Global Operations. In fact, they’re pretty much a liability during close ranged battles, so we recommend dropping them in favour of firing from the hip.

Progression Tips and Tricks:

Now, we’ll take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you to progress much faster throughout the game.

  • Get your daily bonus every day: Each day, you get a free reward just for booting up the Warface app. Do so. You don’t get a lot for free in this game, so every little helps.
  • Focus on completing quests: Quests help you progress through the seasonal ranks, providing you with a bunch of rewards that can seriously help you out. Focus on completing these each day.
  • Equip your most powerful weapons: Even if you’ve just got a new weapon that you prefer, if your older weapon has a higher power score, equip that instead. You’ll want the highest power score as possible, as you’ll gain a statistical advantage over an opponent with a lower power score during combat.
  • Get free stuff by watching ads: Whenever you get the opportunity to watch an ad in exchange for free stuff, we’d recommend you do so. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t get an awful lot for free in Warface, so every little helps. Besides, the rewards for watching ads are actually fairly decent.
  • Don’t upgrade everything: Upgrade resources aren’t exactly in rich supply, so we recommend only upgrading weapons that you really like. Whenever you buy a new weapon, test it out in combat before you upgrade it.