Our distant ancestors lived in a world of monsters – mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, giant hyenas, towering sloths, and so on. And before that there were dinosaurs, as well as some pretty nerve-wracking fish.

The age of monsters may be gone, but you can still experience the adrenaline surge of a real-life monster encounter by watching a monster truck in action. There’s something primal about the roar of those powerful engines. 

Monster Truck Hero is the latest mobile game to let you dabble in the wonderful world of huge, amped up vehicles that can climb over buses and survive bone-shattering falls thanks to their enormous wheels. 

The aim is simple: finish the level. But you know what’s not simple? Finishing the level. 

That’s because each gorgeous HD stage is littered with obstacles – the kinds of obstacles that would bring normal traffic to a dead stop: buildings, rock formations, shipping containers, landslides, and other vehicles, among other impassable impediments. 

Any one of these would be the end of the road for any normal motorist, but climbing over them is all in a day’s work for you and your monster truck.

Truck yeah!

As with any great side-scrolling driving game, the key to Monster Truck Hero’s success is its flawless physics, which let you skid, bounce, drift, and generally pull off any number of impressive maneuvers. Each truck handles differently, too, and you can tune them endlessly using the coins you earn on the track, making the game endlessly replayable. 

There are several different game modes, and as you work your way through the game you’ll unlock new trucks and courses in a variety of different locations, from the desert to the jungle. Extra levels are being added all the time, so you’ll never run out of things to do.

No driving game would be complete without a spot of competition, and that’s why Monster Truck Hero lets you challenge your friends and show off your high scores. Proper multiplayer and leaderboards for different tricks and feats will be along in future updates. 

You can download Monster Truck Hero for free right now on Google Play. Also be sure to check out the official Goodfox Games website and Facebook page to check out its other titles.