Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up is that rarest of things on mobile: a totally original concept. Joyseed Gametribe’s latest casual game has a familiar cartoony aesthetic, but everything else about it is new.

Casting you in the role of Mr Boulder, the most fashionable resident of Rock Kingdom, Rocky Rampage sees you trying to retrieve your “wonderpants” from Empress Clipper of the Empire of Scissor, after she audaciously stole them. 

Along with your sidekick Pebble you need to chase down Her Sharpness by embarking on an endless succession of forays into enemy territory. You’ll squash soldiers, dodge obstacles, crash through walls, and more. 

The other thing you’ll do, time and time again, is grind to a halt. That’s because you’re a boulder, with no limbs or muscles to speak of, putting you at the mercy of gravity and inertia. 

Each turn begins with you launching Mr Boulder into the air by tapping a power gauge at the right time. After that, all our hero can do is jump, and he can only do that when he has enough jump energy. 

How far will you go?

Using this limited moveset you need to get as far as you can. At first, that’s not very far. But with every attempt you’ll earn gold, and you can spend that gold on levelling up your speed, aerodynamics, strength, and so on. 

These upgrades enable you to get further and further, in turn letting you level up and gain access to new boosters. But as you progress through the campaign you’ll encounter new threats, too, such as obstacles that slow you down if you fail to avoid them, and bosses that repel you laughingly on your first few attempts. 

Rocky Rampage is fun and addictive, with a gameplay loop that sees you growing ever more powerful and getting ever closer to your goal of trouser retrieval. The graphics are great, too – super-polished and pleasingly cartoony.

You can pre-register your interest in Rocky Rampage via Google Play and the App Store right now – it’ll launch later this year.