With Christmas knocking on the door, and goodwill sloshing around like champagne at a wedding, now is the best time of year to think about helping those less fortunate. 

That’s why Lords Mobile developer IGG has pledged to give a chunk of money to Make A Wish International – and you’ve got a part to play in this festive miracle. And all you need to do is draw a rad castle. 

IGG is holding a contest to design a castle skin. The theme is “Childhood Playground”. 

You can let your imagination run free, with a couple of small caveats: no plagiarism, and no copyright infringement. So if you just copy Gru’s house out of Despicable Me your entry will end up in the furnace. 

Once you’ve created your architectural masterpiece, you can submit it through the event page – .jpgs or .pngs, please, and no larger than 10MB. 

If your castle gets past the review stage you’ll automatically receive a Finalist Award, and your design will go to a public vote along with all the other finalists. Once a winner is chosen, IGG will use it as the inspiration for a skin that’s available to buy in the game. All profits for the first two weeks will go straight to Make A Wish International. 

But that’s not all. IGG has also pledged to donate a further $10,000 for every 100,000 new Instagram followers it picks up during the competition’s submission period, which comes to an end on December 23rd.

Voting, meanwhile, takes place between the 26th and the 31st (the submission-reviewing elves at IGG are in for a busy Christmas!), with the winner to be announced at some point in the new year. 

Make A Wish is a charity that was founded in 1980 to grant the wishes of children who are critically ill. In its 40-odd years it has made over 480,000 wishes come true, from climbing a volcano to looking after elephants in a zoo. 

Your design could bring joy to the life of a child in need, so pick up a pen and get drawing.

For more details, check out Lords Mobile’s Instagram.