Candywriter has sprinkled a bit of Holiday cheer into BitLife with a brand new update that introduces and expands a bunch of the smash hit text-based life simulator’s features. There’s so much that you likely want a breakdown of everything in one place, and that’s where we come in.

However, if it’s something else you’re looking for, check out our Complete Guide to BitLife, which includes links to all of our other BitLife guides.

BitLife Version 1.28 – Everything That’s New


Candywriter has expanded the friendship system to allow you to befriend classmates, teachers, workers, supervisors, and more. Basically, anyone you encounter in your BitLife is a potential friend now, and can remain a friend for the rest of your life – even if you move on from the place in which you met them. Isn’t that nice?

Also, if you get close to your friends, they can now become best friends, which is truly wonderful.


With friends come enemies, and BitLife has finally caught up to that fact. If you find you don’t like a friend of yours, you can make them your enemy. Coincidentally, if you behave like a bad friend, your friends might declare you an enemy, so be careful.

New Interactions

But how do you make a friend a friend or an enemy? Well, the new interactions will certainly help. If you want to turn them against you, you can prank them or start rumours about them. Want them to like you? Well, why not offer some advice or invite them to a party? There are loads of new interactions like this – some good, some bad.

New Countries

BitLife continues to expand into new territories, with a bunch of new countries making it into the game. What, you want an actual list? Fine:

  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • DR Congo
  • Costa Rica
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

The Rest

Here we’ll round up, in bullet point form, everything else that’s new. This is either stuff that we don’t know enough about, or features that aren’t particularly as exciting as those above:

  • New childhood scenarios: Basically, new stuff will happen to you when you’re a kid
  • Saving multiple lives is easier
  • Burglary and prison riot mini-games now feature swipe controls
  • Holiday surprises
  • Bug fixes and stuff