When you first go to create a character in Black Desert Mobile, you’ll be invited to pick a family name. If you haven’t played the original on console or PC, you’ll probably have no idea what this means. It’s not a system we encounter very often in MMORPGs.

Fortunately for you, we’re going to explain exactly what the system means in this guide. We’ll detail what the difference between a family name and a character name is and how it all works.

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Black Desert Mobile Family Name Explained

What’s a Family Name?

The best way to describe a family name in Black Desert Mobile, is as a surname that all of your characters in the game will adopt. Your family name is entirely unique to the server, so no two players will have the same.

What About Your Character Name?

Your character name is your character’s first name. It’s what differentiates your characters from each other within your family. Basically, think of all of your characters being one, big, happy family and the system suddenly makes more sense.

How do I Change My Family Name?

Okay, here’s the bad news: you have to pay actual real money to change your character name. That costs 400 Pearls, the premium currency, which translates to around $10 in hard cash.

To achieve this, head on over to the in-game store, choose “Misc”, and then “Etc.” Finally, purchase a Character Name Change Coupon and use it in your inventory to change your family name.