Black Desert Mobile, much like every other mobile MMORPG under the sun these days, features auto combat. You can auto attack enemies endlessly, grinding for experience and loot just like in the good old days.

There is one caveat though: you have to unlock auto combat before you can use it. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long until you achieve this and we’re going to explain exactly how in this guide.

Black Desert Mobile Auto Combat Explained

How Does Auto Combat Work in Black Desert Mobile?

It works similarly to any other mobile MMORPG, including Lineage 2 Revolution, AxE, and more. When you unlock it, you simply have to tap a button to trigger auto play to begin, at which point you’ll automatically attack any nearby enemies. In that sense, it’s a bit of a backwards step from the others.

How do I Unlock Auto Attack?

To unlock auto attack you need to complete the story quests until you reach the Ancient Stone Chamber. You should reach this at around level 13, so it won’t take you long to unlock auto combat.

Once your Black Spirit has reached its second form, which is introduced via a cutscene in which it exclaims that it has teeth now, you’ll be able to perform combat automatically.

How do I Use Auto Combat?

That’s the easy part. Once you’ve unlocked the system, simply tap the new ‘Auto’ button, which is located just to the left of your health bar. Your character will then proceed to automatically fight all nearby enemies, pausing only to allow them to respawn once you’ve beaten them all.

Naturally, you’ll have to still tap the quest tracker to move between quests, but whenever you need to kill certain enemies for a quest, just tap on auto as soon as you’ve reached their location to fight them automatically until the quest is complete.