Black Desert Mobile Classes Explained will help you determine which class is best for you in this huge new MMORPG.

Black Desert Mobile has arrived, and with it a mobile representation of the hit console and PC MMORPG. You can check out our full thoughts at review right here.

If you’re new to the franchise, MMORPGs in general, or are just unsure of where to start, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide. Your most difficult first choice is likely which class to pick, which is what we’re going to explore in this guide.

Black Desert Mobile Classes Explained

How do Classes Work in Black Desert Mobile?

Black Desert Mobile classes determine your character appearance and how you fight. There are five classes at launch, with more set to arrive throughout next year.

We’ll dig into them in more detail later in this guide, but the classes currently include: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, and Valkyrie.

A Note on Awakenings

It’s worth noting that your character classes can “Awaken” at level 65, which completely changes their playstyle, providing them with a new weapon to wield, new abilities, and more.

We’re not sure if this system is actually available yet in the western version of Black Desert Mobile, though it’s worth keeping in mind as it definitely will arrive at some point. We’ll update this guide with more information when that happens.

Black Desert Mobile Classes List


The Warrior is an excellent class for beginners, as he offers a decent balance of offence and defence. Equipped with a longsword and shield, the Warrior is capable of blocking and immobilising foes with his shield and dishing out enormous damage with his longsword.

Awakening Class: Berserker


The Ranger can fight at both ranged and melee range, equally capable of bringing down foes with her longbow as she is her dagger. This is primarily a DPS class, so if you like staying at a distance and dealing huge damage, this is the class for you.

Awakening Class: Windwalker


A solid alternative to the Ranger is the Witch. She wields elemental magic like it’s easy, dealing enormous AoE damage to her enemies. If they do get close, she can dispatch them with her dagger too, so there is melee potential. Witches are squishy though, so bear that in mind if you like to be capable of taking lots of hits.

Awakening Class: Archmage


The Giant is a melee DPS powerhouse, capable of dealing huge AoE damage to groups of enemies. If you like getting stuck into battle with a massive weapon, leaving chaos in your wake, the Giant is the one for you.

Awakening Class: Destroyer


The Valkyrie may share the longsword and shield of the Warrior, but the similarities largely end there. The Valkyrie is primarily a support class, capable of firing off a number of defensive buffs and recovery spells, keeping her team alive in the most challenging of circumstances. However, she can give as good as she gets, capable of dealing damage with both spell and sword.

Awakening Class: Lancer

Black Desert Mobile Classes Arriving Later

We’re not sure if or when the classes currently available in the eastern version of Black Desert Mobile will arrive, but right now these are the classes that we’re aware of that didn’t make it to the global launch. Awakening classes are in brackets:

  • Dark Knight (Darkness)
  • Sorceress (Reaper)
  • Musa (Sky Wolf)