MMORPGs can be overwhelming at the best of times. The genre is known for having a sheer amount of content to explore – which is necessary when you consider that many gamers treat them like a second life or job.

Black Desert Mobile is probably a lot busier than most too, with a whole world to explore, quests to beat, achievements to gather, and then tons of non-combat skills to level up, including farming, gathering resources, taming horses, and fishing.

In this guide, we’re going to help you make a start with Black Desert Mobile by detailing all of the different features in the game and providing you with a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of them.

Black Desert Mobile Beginner’s Guide:


Much like its older brother, combat in Black Desert Mobile is combo-based and action packed. It’s not a particularly deep system though, and you likely won’t have to spend much time with it before you get to grips with it, but we do have some tips to help you get started.

For one, read the descriptions for each skill so you can see what they do and then incorporate that information into your combo. For example, you might want to use skills that debuff your opponent before using damaging skills, or you might want to chain skills that you can cast twice together.

Use your auto-attack to fill in the gaps – there’s no real point in using it if you can use a more damaging skill instead. Also, you’ll want to dodge whenever an enemy starts charging up a powerful attack. You can tell this is happening whenever your opponent turns red and flashy.


Questing is mostly automated fare in Black Desert Mobile. You know the drill – you’ll follow a pre-determined path between NPCs, listen to some badly-written dialogue, and then go and fetch something or kill a bunch of monsters. They are a good source of experience though, so we do recommend doing them as often as possible if progression is important to you.

There’s also your side quests too, which that weird puff of black smoke offers. We recommend doing these as you can get your hands on some rare resources. You’ll have to level up until you unlock this feature, but we recommend always having one of these quests being worked on in the background.

Enhancing Equipment

Want to grow more powerful? Well, along with finding better equipment generally, you can enhance what you’ve already got to increase its power. The black smoke dude can help you with that, though you’ll need upgrade materials that you can find from completing quests or crafting them in your base camp.

Never be afraid to enhance your equipment: there’s no harm in it whatsoever. Just make sure you have a solid percentage chance of the enhancement working to ensure you don’t waste resources. You can transfer your enhancements to new gear you gather too, so it’s always worth it.

Completing Achievements

Completing achievements grants you with a wide variety of rewards for doing stuff you’re doing anyway, or highlighting stuff that you should be doing. We recommend chasing them down whenever you find yourself with little to do, as it’s a great way to find yourself a new goal.

Gathering Resources

As you wander the world you’ll come across a wide variety of resources, including trees to cut down, rocks to mine, and herbs to gather. We recommend picking up literally everything you come across for two different reasons: you’ll never know when you need what you’ve come across and you’ll increase your gathering skills. Every little helps.


It won’t be long until you encounter your first pet. These furry little critters will pick up items that monsters drop for you, and provide a bunch of skills of their own that vary depending on the pet.

You can have three pets and a mount at any given moment, with all of them levelling independently of each other.

Building Your Base

When you reach a certain point in the story, you can build your own base, and a handy little feature it is. You can build a variety of buildings that help you gather and refine the resources you’ll need to progress throughout the game.

You can also hire workers to gather resources you need, plant crops in your garden, look after your pets and horses, and go fishing all in one location. Basically, if you don’t feel like fighting or questing, your base camp will provide you with plenty to do in the meantime.

Upgrading Skills

As you complete quests and explore the world, you’ll come across a wide variety of skill tomes that will upgrade the power of your skills. We recommend using these as soon as you come across them as they’ll quite drastically improve your combat prowess.

Daily Rewards

Make sure to collect your daily rewards: there are a bunch of them. Right now, there’s:

  • Amazon Prime event: Connect your Amazon Prime account to get regular free rewards.
  • Grand Launch Fiesta: Complete achievements within a deadline to get loads of rewards.
  • Character Knowledge Event: Complete each zone 100% within 19 days to get some sweet premium rewards.
  • New Adventures, Level Up the Black Spirit: As you hit milestones, in terms of levelling up the Black Spirit, you’ll get some Black Pearls as a reward.
  • Grand Launch Celebration Attendance: Log in eight days in a row to get some free stuff.
  • Double Rewards for Guild Quests Event: Complete Guild Quests during this event to get double rewards.

Level Up the Black Spirit

Level up the Black Spirit to earn yourself extra CP and various different features that will help you grow in power. To level it up, feed your Black Spirit unwanted equipment and Dark Energy to give it experience.