Candywriter has just released a surprise new update for BitLife that introduces a ton of new content. However, the big surprise is, well, everything. Candywriter hasn’t revealed any information whatsoever, and has left the community to figure out the new features.

Well, Candywriter did reveal one thing: save slots. You can now have multiple BitLives running concurrently, allowing multiple players to play on the same device or for you to have multiple BitLives on the go at the same time.

We’ve scoured Twitter to figure out what else is new, and have rounded up everything we’ve found below. We’ve also discussed how the save slots work for those that aren’t sure.

If it’s something else you’re looking for, head on over to our Complete Guide to BitLife for links on every guide we’ve written so far.

How do Multiple Save Slots Work?

At any point during a BitLife, you can start a new game from the menu and your previous life will save automatically provided it’s at least one year old. Basically, make sure you age at least a year on your current BitLife before starting a new one if you want to ensure the previous is saved.

What’s New in Version 1.27?

  • Doctor consultations: Doctors now have reputations, which means you can see if they’re good or bad before asking their medical opinion.
  • Circumcision: You can now have your children circumcised. Which is just lovely, isn’t it?
  • Funeral planning: If a family member passes away, you can plan their funeral. Or you can get someone else to do it. Or you can skip it. It all depends on how much of a terrible human being you are. You can also decide what to do with the body and travel to funerals if the person lives abroad.
  • Lightning: You can now get struck by lightning, which alters your statistics in numerous different ways. We’ve seen folk on Twitter have their stats reduced to nothing or maxed.
  • Adoption: Adoption already exists, but there’s a new feature that allows you to adopt family member’s children in the event of an accident. Also, you can now see what children look like before you adopt them.
  • Visit friends and family: You can now visit friends and family along with the bevvy of other interactions.
  • Parent’s disapproval: Your parents can disapprove of your partner for numerous new hilarious reasons.
  • Virginity: You can now lose your virginity to a partner in a brand new random event.
  • Theft: Your family and friends can now steal items from you, which isn’t very nice of them.
  • Heart attacks: You can now have heart attacks, it seems.