Artix Entertainment just introduced two challenging new boss battles to the cross platform MMORPG, including the Tengu Bamboo Forest Challenge and the Ryujin Dragon Challenge.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on the Enraged Ryujin Challenge, providing you with strategies on how to avoid the monster’s numerous attacks, including the nefarious Lightning Storm.

Adventure Quest 3D Enraged Ryujin Dragon Challenge Guide

Enraged Ryujin Tips:

Before we move onto avoiding specific attacks, we just want to provide a few general tips on how to perform at the peak of your abilities during battle with Enraged Ryujin:

  • Be at least level 27
  • Equip yourself with decent level 27 gear set, including:
    • Arcane Sentinel
    • Crescent Wolf
    • Exvidius
    • Herald of Hope
    • Archmage Arziir
  • Preferably, equip a level 29 weapon acquired from Son of the Braken challenge
  • Play a ranged class, like Necromancer, Mage, or Pirate
  • Zoom your camera out so you can see the whole arena during the entire battle

Specific Attack Tips

Ocean’s Fury

Ocean’s Fury is a powerful attack that Ryujin performs, dealing big damage to anyone caught in the blast radius. It attacks directly in front of Ryujin at a wide angle, but you can easily avoid it if you get to the left or the right side of the arena.

Storm Surge

Storm Surge features three individual attacks, the last two of which are very tricky to avoid as Ryujin unleashes them in quick succession. Whenever the dragon starts to cast it, run immediately to the left of the arena and stand just outside of the red area. As soon as the red area disappears and you see the wave appear, run to the left. Ryujin will then send waves directly in front of him and then to your right in quick succession.


Waterspout is pretty easy to avoid. Ryujin sends a spinning water tornado at some point on the arena, and you simply have to avoid the huge circle of red that slowly appears.

Frost Beam

Frost Beam is the most interesting new mechanic in Adventure Quest 3D, as this isn’t actually an attack. If you ever see Ryujin begin casting Frost Beam, immediately stand in the small red line that appears. You take a tiny bit of damage and will be frozen in place, unable to attack or cast spells. This is fine though, as Ryujin almost always follows up Frost Beam with Lightning Storm, its most powerful attack that’s capable of killing anyone who isn’t frozen in a single hit. The only way to avoid it is to get frozen in Frost Beam.


Submerge isn’t an attack, so whenever Ryujin is charging this, don’t worry. What you should be wary of though, is that Ryujin will move to a different spot on the arena, which means its attacks will start to appear from different directions.

You can usually continue to attack Ryujin even when the dragon is submerged though, and we’d advise doing this as you’ll know as early as possible where it will go next.

Serpent’s Bite

Serpent’s Bite deals solid damage, like all of Ryujin’s attacks, but it’s easy enough to avoid. It hits all enemies in front of Ryujin, and takes up about half of the arena. As long as you get out of the red zone, you should avoid this easily enough.


Typhoon is a frustrating attack, as we’re not entirely sure that there’s any way to avoid it. It hits reasonably hard but also chills and slows you, dealing damage over time and making it more difficult for you to avoid any follow-up attacks. We’ll keep testing this to see if there is a method to avoid it, but for the meantime, we recommend taking a health potion right after this is cast to mitigate the damage.

Ice Spear

Ryujin occasionally fires an Ice Spear at a random member of the party, dealing small damage. Much like Typhoon, there isn’t really much you can do about this attack, so don’t worry about it.

Make Sure to Attack the Water-logged Chest to Get Your Rewards

Just after Ryujin falls in battle, a Water-logged Chest appears. Make sure to at least get a hit on the chest to claim a reward, which includes a piece of the Ryujin armour set and an Ocean’s Scale, which you’ll need to craft pieces you aren’t having any luck getting as drops.

How to Get the Ryujin Armour Set and Weapons

Each time you defeat Ryujin and destroy the Water-logged Chest, you’ll get a piece of the Ryujin armour set or a weapon. Fight Ryujin enough times and you should get all of the pieces eventually.

However, you also get an Ocean’s Scale each time too, which you can use to purchase any piece of the Ryujin set, including armour pieces and weapons. These range in cost from 20 Ocean’s Scale to 35:

  • Ryujin Samurai Armor: 35 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Belt: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Boots: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Gloves: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Helm: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Shoulders: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Scarf: 20 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Two Wing Scarf: 35 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai One Wing Scarf: 35 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Blade: 35 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Samurai Spear & Shield: 35 Ocean’s Scale
  • Ryujin Dragonslayer Helm: 30 Ocean’s Scale, Ryujin Samurai Helm, 500 Dragonslayer Class Tokens