Zombies is the latest mode to arrive in Call of Duty Mobile. It challenges you to survive wave after wave of zombies, using a wide variety of weaponry, barricades, and power-ups to keep them at bay. Eventually, you’ll face a boss battle, which considerably increases the challenge.

Fortunately, you’re not alone when it comes to facing the shambling undead. You can play with friends and strangers alike as you strive to survive.

In this guide, we’re going to detail how Zombies mode works in Call of Duty Mobile and provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you survive.

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Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Guide:

How it Works

If you’ve played a Zombies mode in any Call of Duty since World at War, you should have a good idea of how it works. It really hasn’t changed that much.

You start with a simple pistol and knife and have a few seconds to begin before the zombies arrive. During this time you can purchase new weapons, if you can afford them, or barricade any open windows for bonus points.

When the zombies arrive, you kill them. You can see how many zombies remain in your current wave at all times, and keep track of where they are at all times by keeping an eye on indicators at the side of the screen or watching your mini-map.

Zombies take more damage from headshots so it’s always worthwhile shooting them in the head. Not only will that bring them down quicker, but it will also use less ammo. Given that ammo is often in short supply, it’s well worth saving as much as you can.

With that in mind, you can use your knife to save yourself some ammo. We wouldn’t recommend using it against grouped zombies, as getting close is a bad idea, but it’s worth using your knife against stragglers at the end of a wave at least.

Once you’ve beaten a wave, you have a few precious seconds to rebuild your barricades and spend any points you’ve earned on new weapons, ammo, or unlocking new areas.

New areas provide you with more weapons to unlock, new perks, and, perhaps, more cover to keep you safe from the undead. There’s no real harm in moving onto a new area, as you’ll generally have more space to move around in, therefore avoiding more zombies, and you’ll get more powerful weapons.

However, there is a bit of a downside as you’ll have more windows to barricade if you like to use that particular strategy. Work with your teammates or decide for yourself how you like to play.

If you manage to survive eight rounds, you’ll face a boss. This is a particularly powerful monster that’s often capable of ranged attacks, moves faster than typical enemies, and has a mighty health bar that you’ll have to chip away at to defeat it. Beat it though, and you win the game.

How Hardcore Raid and Survival Works

Aside from the standard zombies experience, there are two new modes: Hardcore Raid and Survival. Hardcore Raid is simply a more challenging version of the standard mode, featuring more zombies to shoot during each wave and a more challenging boss.

As for Survival, it plays similarly except there’s no end. You’ll face an endless stream of zombies until you eventually succomb, earning rewards depending on how long you manage to survive.

Zombies Mode Tips and Tricks:

  • Play with a team: Zombies is best played with friends or strangers, as teamwork is often key to surviving. One player will struggle to barricade all windows, for example, but a team will make short work of it. The same goes for killing zombies.
  • Barricade: Barricading windows will help keep you alive longer, as it will slow zombies down considerably. In those precious few seconds between waves, we recommend running straight for the windows and barricading as many as you can for safety.
  • Save your ammo by getting headshots and melee kills: You only have limited ammo so save as much as possible by getting headshots, which deal more damage, and melee kills. Don’t use melee against groups though, as it’s far too dangerous. Instead, focus on getting melee kills against stragglers at the end of rounds.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend your points: Points aren’t really in short supply, and new weapons, perks, and areas aren’t particularly expensive. Besides, you won’t miss those points if you’re dead so you might as well spend them on staying alive.
  • Head for the RPG when facing bosses: When facing bosses, you should be able to grab an RPG intermittently that will deal a massive chunk of damage. If you’re working as a team, have a few players focus on picking off zombies while you rush for RPGs and use them against the boss.