Call of Duty Mobile finally has controller support, a whole two months after launching. It took a surprising amount of time to get here given that support was available in beta, but we’re happy it’s here nonetheless.

In this guide, we’re going to detail the process of connecting a controller and playing with it on Call of Duty Mobile. We’ll also provide tips on how to tweak settings and the like.

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Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support Guide:

How to Connect a Controller

Connect a controller via Bluetooth on iOS or Android using the usual method and load up Call of Duty Mobile to get started. That should be enough to initiate controller mode.

If you’re unsure whether or not it worked, simply head on over to settings and tap on ‘Controller’ then ‘Settings’ in the sub-menu. On this new screen, you should see ‘Connect Controller’ right at the top. If the word next to it is ‘Connected’ then you’re good to go.

If not, then completely close the app, check that your controller is connected via Bluetooth, then open it again. This time it should work just fine.

How to Tweak Controller Settings

Once you’ve connected a controller, you can tweak settings by following these steps:

  • Tap the cog icon to open settings
  • Tap ‘Controller’
  • The sub-menu features a range of settings, including general controller settings and sensitivity for each game mode

These settings allow you to:

  • Flip the X and Y axis
  • Flip triggers and bumpers
  • Change your ADS and sprint settings
  • Tweak sensitivity for each game mode

How Does Controller Support Work?

Just to put your mind at ease, you won’t suddenly be facing a torrent of controller users if you prefer to remain with touch controls. Whenever you connect a controller to Call of Duty Mobile, you’re putting yourself with a totally different pool of players.

Those playing with a controller will only ever play with others using a controller, and the same works for touch users. This is a decent system, as it could provide an unfair advantage.