Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Pass Season 2 has just launched, and with it a bevvy of new features including the highly-anticipated Zombies mode, controller support, the new Summit map, a new premium Battle Pass, and a bunch of rewards for digging into it all.

In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the new features so you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty Mobile content, check out our Complete Guide, which includes links to everything we’ve written up to this point.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass:

New Mode – Zombies

The highly-anticipated Zombies mode finally arrived in Call of Duty Mobile shortly before Season 2 kicked off. It plays much the same as it has since it was first introduced in Call of Duty: World at War, with you killing zombies for points and spending them on new weapons, unlocking new areas, and obstacles to prevent zombies from murdering you.

There are three different modes: Normal Raid, which is standard zombies, Hardcore Raid, which is a more difficult challenge featuring more zombies and tougher bosses, and Survival, which pits you against an endless stream of zombies until you succomb.

Controller Support

Call of Duty Mobile finally has controller support, and it works like a treat. Simply connect your PS4 or Xbox One controller to your iPhone or Android and boot up Call of Duty Mobile to get started.

You can’t navigate the menu using a controller just yet, which is a shame, but it works within a match. One disappointment is that the touch UI remains on the screen too, which seems a bit strange.

Overall, we expect the support to grow over time though. The best news is that you’re at least separated from touch users, playing with a pool of players that have connected a controller.

New Map – Summit

Summit is a lovely winter-themed map that originally launched with the first Black Ops back in 2010 and has been remastered for Black Ops III and IV too. Now, you get to experience it in all its glory on mobile.

New Battle Pass

With a new season comes a new Battle Pass and Season 2 doesn’t disappoint. There are over 100 Tiers worth of rewards to earn all over again, with the rewards split between free and premium users.

Changes include:

  • New challenges for Zombie users
  • A slight reduction in points earned from challenges given the inclusion of Zombie challenges
  • Less COD Points up for grabs for premium users (you can’t earn enough to purchase the next Battle Pass, unlike in Season 1)

New Rewards

Alex Mason is the highlight of the rewards from Season 2, and you can get him right away by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. Given that he was born in Alaska, you can also grab Alaska-themed weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics.

The top reward for reaching Tier 100 as a Premium Battle Pass owner this time around is the M4 – CQB, which is an Epic weapon that features a perk that increases your weapon firing range when you unblock it at level 11.