Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour is here, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to the plummeting temperatures. There’s a ton of new rewards up for grabs, including Mario (Santa) and Rose Gold Peach as the new Spotlight characters, the DK Pass course from Mario Kart DS, and a bunch of new Karts, Gliders, challenges, and more.

In this guide, we’re going to detail everything that’s new in Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour. Looking for more Mario Kart Tour content? Check out everything else we’ve written in our Complete Guide.

Mario Kart Tour Winter Tour – Everything That’s New:

New Spotlight Characters:

Mario (Santa)

Mario (Santa) is the first new Spotlight Character in Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour. He features the Fire Flower Special Skill and DK Pass is one of his Favoured Courses.

Rose Gold Peach

Rose Gold Peach will be the second Spotlight Character in the Winter Tour, arriving in a week’s time on November 27. She features the Coin Box Special Skill and the DK Pass T Favoured Course.

New Course: DK Pass (Mario Kart DS)

DK Pass from Mario Kart DS is the new course in Mario Kart Tour, and it’s a welcome snow-covered course for the Winter Tour.

New Driver: Black Shy Guy

Black Shy Guy is the random new Driver in the Winter Tour. Couldn’t they have had him wearing an elf outfit or something?

New Karts

Green Cheep Charger

The Green Cheep Charger gives those who hate the colour red an alternative.


Zucchini surely should have been included with the more culinary-focused Paris Tour, but it’s here in the Winter Tour nonetheless.


That’s more like it! The Cheermellow is a festive-themed Kart that Mario (Santa) would look very fetching in.

Wild Wing

The Wild Wing is an excellent looking new High-end Kart that we’ll probably never get to drive.

Radish Rider

The Radish Rider is a reskin of the Carrot Kart, but we’re not complaining. New colour schemes are always welcome.

Wildfire Flyer

Speaking of new colour themes, how about a hot pink version of the Flame Flyer?

New Gliders:

Minion Paper Glider

The Minion Paper Glider provides a nice slab of retro-inspired goodness for those that hanker for the good old days.


The Starchute is one of our favourite Glider designs. Shame it’s a High-end though.

Royal Parachute

The Royal Parachute gives Daisy and Peach fans an opportunity to geek out over their favourite characters.

New Challenges

With a new Tour comes new challenges, and the Winter Tour doesn’t disappoint. We’ll cover these extensively in another guide though, so keep an eye out for that.

New Rewards

Free Rewards

Those who earn plenty of Grand Stars this tour will get their hands on Baby Mario, the Pipe Buggy, and the BBIA Parafoil.

Gold Pass Rewards

Those who splash the big bucks on the Gold Pass will get Cloud 9, Dry Bowser, and Radish Rider. That’s not a bad little haul.