A couple of months ago Webzen took its seminal RPG series MU Origin to the next level by opening a merch store, where you can buy various figurines and other game-related items to proudly display in your home and on your body.

If you were concerned that this might have drawn the company’s focus and distracted the development team, we’re here to tell you that your fears were ill-founded. Webzen has just announced the imminent arrival of MU Origin 2’s 2.1 update.

The latest content update follows the massive 2.0 update (obviously). That one added a new Holy Mage class, along with various new events and other features and enhancements. 

2.1 ups the holy content with the Holy Shield. This feature unlocks after reaching level 320 and completing the Swamp of Death quest. It applies to PvP combat, and absorbs some of the damage your opponent inflicts as long as there’s power in the gauge. Your Holy Shield recharges automatically.

You can enhance your Holy Shield with Holy Essence and Holy Beads, if you have any on you. 

Divine inspiration

At the same point in the game (i.e., 320, after Swamp of Death) you get access to the Divine Tower. Clearing floors gives you XP and loot with which to upgrade your new Holy Shield. The existing Infinite Tower has got a new floor, too.

After reaching level 260, meanwhile, you’ll gain access to a range of accessories via the Accessory feature. You acquire accessories by entering the Accessory Draw, and you can unlock Accessory slots with Zen. 

There’s also a new Jewel Craft feature, which increases properties of jewels at grade 6 or higher. You need to reach level 300 and complete the Secret quest, after which you can refine jewels by combining them with Refining Gems, to enhance their properties. 

There’s a fair bit more in the MU Origin 2.1 update. Load it up and check out the new content for yourself.

MU Origin 2 is available for free on Google Play and the App Store