OldSchool RuneScape got its first League this week, and it’s the Twisted League. For those unaware, Leagues are a brand new way to play the smash hit MMORPG, providing you with a series of challenges to beat under a set of predetermined restrictions.

In this guide, we’re going to provide you with everything you need to know to beat the Twisted League, including a list of tasks, relics, and rewards.

Old School RuneScape Twisted League – Everything You Need to Know:

Twisted League – How it Works:

The Twisted League limits play to the Kebos and Kourend regions and challenges you to play as an Ironman. For those unaware, Ironman characters are entirely self-sufficient, unable to trade with other players, pick up their loot, and more.

So, using your own initiative you’ll have to beat a series of tasks, which provide you with points that you can spend on Relics. Relics are basically buffs that improve your abilities in numerous different ways to help you complete more tasks and earn more rewards.

Rewards include exclusive armour sets, home decorations, and more. We’ll include a full list of the rewards below.

The Twisted League officially began on November 14 and will end just over two months later on January 16, 2020.

How to Start the Twisted League:

Starting the Twisted League is easy. Simply select a Twisted League world (they’re marked in green) and complete or skip Tutorial Island. This will send you to Kourend Castle Courtyard, where you can chat to the League Tutor to kick off the challenge.

Twisted League World Changes:

There are a number of changes in Twisted League worlds that are worth keeping in mind when you begin:

  • You respawn in Kourend Castle courtyard.
  • You can only teleport and use ports within Kourend and Kebos.
  • Ancient and Lunar spellbooks are inaccessible.
  • Clues will contain steps limited to the Kourend and Kebos regions.
  • Base XP has been accelerated by 5x.
  • Select shops will have more supples and will restock faster.
  • You can purchase a barbarian rod, Anti-Dragon Shield, and pestle and mortar from Kourend and Kebos shops.
  • Watson can provide you with a sextant, watch, Chart, and Strange Device.
  • Tavern owners sell Stew.
  • You’ll begin with Herblore at level 3 and Agility at level 15.
  • Druidic Ritual, Dragon Slayer, Rune Mysteries, and Eagle’s Peak are all unlocked.
  • You can begin Slayer at combat level five. She has new tasks limited to the Kourend and Kebos regions, and they won’t have area restrictions besides that.
  • Two Achievement Diary tasks are ticked off immediately, including travel to the Fairy Ring South of Mount Karuulm and Cast Monster Examine on a troll south of Mount Quidamortem.
  • Kodai Wand, Ferocious Gloves, Dragon Hunter Lance, and Dragon Hasta replace the Kodai Insignia, Hydra Leather, Hydra Claw, and Broken Dragon Hasta as drops.

How Twisted League Tasks Work:

There are far too many tasks to list in this guide, but you can check out a full list of them on the official Old School RuneScape Wiki.

Tasks work similarly to Achievement Diaries, in that they’re a list of tasks to perform. They’re split into Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master, and you’ll earn League Points for completing them.

In total, there are 495 tasks to beat, with 90,670 League Points up for grabs in total. Here’s how many points you’ll earn per task in each difficulty:

  • Easy: 10 League Points
  • Medium: 50 League Points
  • Hard: 100 League Points
  • Elite: 250 League Points
  • Master: 500 League Points

Tasks range from completing a variety of different actions, including skilling, picking up drops, killing monsters, completing quests, and participating in minigames.

How Twisted League Relics Work:

Relics are limited to Twisted League, and are basically a series of buffs that you can unlock by spending League Points. They can boost your XP, combat abilities, drop rates, and skilling abilities.

When you leave Tutorial Island, you can select from one of three different starting Relics:

Abyssal AccumulatorYou have an 85% chance to not consume any ammunition fired or runes when casting a spell. Chinchompas are excluded.
Endless EnduranceYour run energy will never drain whilst running and your hitpoints restore 4 times as quickly.
Dark Alter DevotionYou bury bones automatically and they provide 4x the usual XP, which stacks with any existing multipliers. Ensouled heads drop two at a time and your prayer drains at half the speed.

Buffs become more powerful the more Relics you’ve unlocked, with new buffs unlocking at the following point thresholds:

  • First Relic Tier: Free
  • Second Relic Tier: 400 League Points
  • Third Relic Tier: 1,200 League Points
  • Fourth Relic Tier: 2,500 League Points
  • Fifth Relic Tier: 5,000 League Points

How Twisted League HiScores Work:

There’s a Twisted League leaderboard, with the player that’s earned the most League Points so far sitting at the top. Ordinary players simply need not bother with this, as getting to the top of this list is nigh on impossible unless you can dedicate every waking hour to completing tasks.

The player who finishes top of the leaderboard will be crowned the Champion of the Twisted League. We’re not sure, at this point, what that player gets – aside from prestige, of course.

How Twisted League Firsts Work:

League Firsts are awarded to the player who is the first to complete one of the following tasks:

  • Complete Architectural Alliance
  • Complete the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary
  • Solo Complete the Chambers of Xeric without dying
  • Solo complete the Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode without dying
  • Kill Skotizo
  • Kill the Mimic
  • Kill Hespori
  • Kill Alchemical Hydra
  • Reach level 99 in any skill
  • Complete a Master Clue Scroll
  • Obtain a pet
  • Obtain a Golden Tench
  • Obtain a Twisted Bow
  • Obtain a Dragon Warhammer
  • Unlock all Twisted Relic tiers

To be clear, you don’t earn any actual rewards for completing a League First, aside from prestige. You can check the League First list on a noticeboard right next to the League Tutor.

How Twisted League Rewards Work:

There are two different types of rewards in Twisted League: league-to-league, which carry over between leagues, and main game, which you can show off on your main character.

League-to-league rewards include:

  • Pets
  • Right click icons
  • Rank worlds
  • Armour sets

Main game rewards transfer over to the main game, of course, and include a variety of cosmetics. You unlock them by spending League Points at the League Reward Store. Here’s a full list:

Twisted League Banner – 750 League Points:

Twisted League Home Teleport Animation

Twisted League Cosmetic Outfit – 1,000, 2,500, and 10,000 League Points

The Twisted League Cosmetic Outfit comes in three different tiers and includes no stats.

Twisted League Themed PoH Wallkit – 4,000 League Points

Twisted League Themed Slayer Helm – 6,000 League Points

Twisted League Themed Wieldable Trophy