Nintendo has finally revealed its plans for online multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour, bringing those of us that are eager to play with our friends out of the dark. To clear up any of the confusion in Nintendo’s message, we thought we’d put together a brief guide detailing how multiplayer will work, when you can get a taste of it, and anything else you might be wondering.

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Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Update FAQ:

When Does Online Multiplayer Start in Mario Kart Tour?

Nintendo has revealed that real-time online multiplayer will enter a beta phase in December, 2019. The beta will be exclusive to Gold Pass Members, a premium subscription that currently costs around $5 per month.

How Will Online Multiplayer Work in Mario Kart Tour?

Well, we actually don’t really know anything about how it will work right now, with Nintendo declaring that “more details (are) coming soon.”

What we do know is that there’s currently an option for ‘Multiplayer’ that’s greyed out in the main menu. Tap on it and it simply states “Available in a future version update.”

If we had to guess, we’d expect the real-time multiplayer to function as it does in regular Mario Kart. You’ll face seven other players (in this case) online to see who can finish first.

We imagine that the points-based system won’t be present in online multiplayer, with all drivers, karts, and glider simply being cosmetic choices.

Well, with the exception, perhaps, of driver’s and glider’s Special Skills. We expect them to remain in effect during online multiplayer, adding an extra layer of strategy to the mix.

What we aren’t clear about is whether or not you’ll be to invite and play with friends. It seems like an essential feature, but we wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to get it wrong, given their form in the area.

We’re also not sure about how it will be structured in general. Will it feature matchmaking? Is it just a fun feature to break up the monotony of the regular cups? Will it feature tournaments, exclusive rewards, and other incentives to play?

Well, we’ll have to just wait and see.