Halloween is the highlight of the year for gamers, and the reason is simple: zombies. These gormless, person-shaped bullet sponges are the perfect fodder for arcade hijinks, and they come out in droves around October 31st. 

Zombie Blast Crew may well be the pick of the bunch this year. Developed by Vivid Games, the studio responsible for Space Pioneer, Real Boxing, and a brace of other acclaimed mobile titles, it looks like like a textbook slice of zombie-slaying fun. 

11 months ago, an infection spread across the globe, turning its victims into zombies. This pathological army of the walking dead has chased the uninfected out of their homes and into the unforgiving countryside, but now the fightback is on. 

It’s your job to lead the rebellion by embarking on short, sharp, sometimes shocking missions in zombie territory. Objectives vary from retrieving medical supplies to simply mowing down as many zombies as you can.

Five is the magic number

To start off with you have a single hero at your disposal, but as you earn XP and level-up you’ll gain access to four more badasses, each with their own unique weapon. You’ll unlock extra weapons for your loadout, too, such as grenades and mines, and you can upgrade everything with the coins you collect on the battlefield. 

These characters, weapons, and items aren’t just for show. Not only does the game get progressively harder (duh), but there are different types of zombies too, with different movements and attack patterns. 

That means you need to keep everything levelled-up to the max, and choose your hero and loadout carefully before each sortie into undead territory.

On top of the single-player campaign there’s also a multiplayer element in the form of competitive leaderboards built around particular challenges. Vivid Games promises to keep these challenges fresh.

Zombie Blast Crew is out now. You can download it for free on Google Play and the App Store.