If you want to see pain, look at the faces of the riders in the Tour de France as they climb the final hill in a long stage. Cycling is the toughest endurance sport in the world, and managing a team is just as demanding. 

All of which makes cycling the perfect subject for a management game. Live Cycling Manager 2 is proof of that. Created by Xagu Studios, with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund, it’s about as comprehensive and authentic as it gets.

The game tasks you with looking after every single conceivable aspect of a racing team, from hiring talent to designing the kit. 

After creating your team, you need to hire athletes, doctors, trainers, scouts, drivers, and more. Your to-do list is virtually endless, and encompasses everything from managing your team’s finances to dealing with injuries and maintaining equipment.

Naturally, there’s also training to manage, which is a whole thing in itself. You need to make sure you’ve got the right training equipment, book your team into training camps, and so on.

Keep pedalling

When you can find time you also need to do, well, literally everything else: recruiting staff, registering for races, selecting riders for each competition, etc. Plus, you need to attract sponsors, and haggle with manufacturers to get the best bikes at the lowest prices. 

Live Cycling Manager 2 features 40 teams, and you’re in competition with all of them. Each season sees you competing in every kind of tour, including Giro, Volta, one-day races, and more. You’ll race in time trials and sprints, on flat surfaces and mountains, in France, the USA, Japan, Belgium, and more. 

And for each of these races you’ll not only need to come up with a strategy, but tweak your tactics in real time as the 3D races play out on your screen. And between races you’ll need to keep an eye on your riders’ fitness and fatigue levels, while ensuring that you have a steady flow of fresh blood into your team. 

As you’ve probably gathered, Live Cycling Manager 2 is absolutely jam-packed with content – more than we could possibly cover here. You’ll just have to play it for yourself. 

Download the game right now on Google Play and the App Store.

Xagu Studios is a beneficiary of the grant programme “Boosting the Video Game Sector“ promoted by Red.es. Co-financed programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of Multiregional OP for Spain ERDF 2014-20