Call of Duty Mobile Sparrow Operator Skill is the latest of the none-scorestreak related powerhouse skills to make it into the mobile shooter. If you’ve played either of the latest two Black Ops games you’ll know exactly what to make of this super powerful bow, which is capable of one shot kills, much like a Sniper Rifle, with the addition of explosive arrows.

In this guide, we’re going to detail the exact process that you’ll need to follow to get your hands on the new Operator skill, which was introduced as part of a great Halloween event running in Call of Duty Mobile right now.

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Call of Duty Mobile Sparrow – How to Get it:

The Sparrow is the latest Operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile. If you’ve played Black Ops 3 or 4, you’ll know that it’s an incredibly powerful bow that can kill in a single shot from a decent range, and features explosive arrows that deal area damage in case you miss.

To get your hands on it, you’ll have to complete the current Operator Skill: Sparrow event that’s running in Call of Duty Mobile right now. It involves completing 10 different tasks that you can perform in multiplayer matches right now. The tasks include:

  1. Kill 10 Enemies in TDM mode in Map Standoff
  2. Kill 30 enemies in TDM mode in Map Standoff
  3. Kill 50 enemies in TDM mode in Map Standoff
  4. Use Operator Skills 2 times in MP Matches
  5. Use Operator Skills 4 times in MP Matches
  6. Kill 6 enemies with an Operator Skill in MP Matches
  7. Kill 100 Enemies in MP Matches
  8. Kill 10 Enemies in Battle Royale
  9. Play 3 Battle Royale Matches
  10. Log in 5 total days

You’ll receive special rewards each two tasks you complete, with the Sparrow being rewarded after you’ve completed the 10th task. The event runs between 21 October 2019 until 1 November 2019, giving you plenty of time to complete it.

To complete the Standoff Map challenges, we recommend playing on the new Standoff – Halloween Map, which is a redecorated version of the classic map. There are pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and a night time theme to help bring the scares.

The rest of the challenges you can complete in standard multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, with the log in reward simply requiring you to claim your login rewards on 5 of the days while the event is running. That shouldn’t prove overly difficult.