Call of Duty Mobile Ranking works pretty much as you’d expect it to coming from any other Battle Pass-dominated game like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Basically, you complete a wide variety of challenges in exchange for Battle Pass XP. Gain enough Battle Pass XP and you’ll rank up, earning a bunch of rewards.

In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile Ranking System, including how to complete challenges, get the best rewards, how the ranks work, and more.

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Call of Duty Mobile Ranking System Explained:

Call of Duty Mobile features a seasonal Battle Pass that rewards you with a variety of exclusive rewards as you power through the ranks. There’s a free and premium tier, and you rank up by completing challenges, which are served up on a weekly and seasonal basis.

The current season, season one, began on September 28 and runs until November 24. To get the best rewards, you’ll need to reach at least tier 100, at which point the exclusive rewards end and you’ll simply earn Battle Pass Crates from subsequent tiers until the season ends.

To rank up, you’ll need to complete challenges. There are daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges to complete, which reward you with varying amounts of Battle Pass XP. Daily challenges can typically be completed quickly, but don’t grant much XP. Seasonal challenges, on the other hand, require a hefty time investment in exchange for the most Battle Pass XP.

When Did Season One Begin and When Does it End?

Season One began on September 28, 2019, and ends on November 24 2019.

What’s the Difference Between the Free and Premium Battle Pass?

There’s actually a fairly big difference between the free and premium Battle Pass option in Call of Duty Mobile. Here are all of the differences in bullet points:

  • The free tier is free while the Premium costs 800 COD Points. That’s approximately $10 if you purchase them from the Store.
  • The free tier stops getting rewards every tier from tier 40, while the premium tier gets at least one reward per tier all the way up to tier 500.
  • The premium tier features exclusive challenges that you can complete for extra Battle Pass XP.
  • You can earn COD Points from the premium tier. If you reach tier 100, you can pay for the next Battle Pass just from COD Points earned from the Battle Pass.
  • Premium tier rewards include Epic (Purple) weapons, while the free tier maxes out at Rare (Blue).

How Many Tiers Are There?

In total, there are 500 Battle Pass tiers in Season One. However, you stop earning exclusive rewards from tier 100. The remaining 400 tiers merely provide you with a Battle Pass Crate.

How do Challenges Work?

Challenges are provided on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis, and challenge you to perform a wide variety of actions during a match, from getting kills, to using emotes, and killing with a specific weapon, skill, or piece of equipment.

There are separate challenges for Multiplayer and Battle Royale, though you’ll need to try and complete all of the challenges if you want to get to at least tier 100.

Challenges reset when a new season commences, so any progress you’ve made in a previous season will no longer count when a new season commences. You’ll keep all rewards you’ve earned during all seasons though.

How do I Increase My Battle Pass Rank?

By completing challenges. Each challenge provides you with a certain amount of Battle Pass XP. Seasonal challenges are typically the most lucrative, rewarding up to 400 Battle Pass XP, while daily challenges reward the least, at around 50 Battle Pass XP. Weekly challenges fall between the two, typically rewarding between 200 and 250 Battle Pass XP per level. For reference, a typical Battle Pass tier requires around 200 Battle Pass XP to level up.

We recommend playing every single day to complete the daily Multiplayer and Battle Royale challenges, which can typically be completed within one or two matches. We’d also recommend focusing on the longer-term challenges. Keep a close eye on your weekly and seasonal challenges to see if you need to switch up your weapon or play style to achieve them.

What’s in the Battle Pass Crates?

Battle Pass Crates provide you with a wide variety of exclusive rewards, and has a small probability chance (a laughably low 0.80%) to get Epic weapons, which are the rarest in the game.

They’re the loot box of Call of Duty Mobile, and are only worth bothering with if you get them as a reward in the premium Battle Pass. If you really care about getting the weapons in the Battle Pass Crate, we recommend smashing through the Battle Pass ranks as quickly as possible, as you can earn up to 399 of them between tier 101-500.