Call of Duty Mobile Nuke Killstreak is a special hidden killstreak that you can earn in Call of Duty Mobile. It has the potential to end a game early, devastating everything on the map in a huge explosion.

In this guide, we’re going to help you get the nuke killstreak by detailing the steps required. Once you’ve unlocked it, we’ll detail what you have to do to use it within a match.

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Call of Duty Mobile Nuke Killstreak – How to Get it in Steps:

There are two steps required to unlock the nuke killstreak in Call of Duty Mobile. The first is to hit level 20, which unlocks the nuke killstreak. You don’t have to equip it or anything – once unlocked, you can use it provided you complete the next step. Before we move onto that though, if you’re struggling to hit level 20, make sure to check out our levelling guide, the link to which is in the opening paragraph.

Once you’ve hit level 20, you can use the nuke killstreak. To actually use it in a match though, you have to somehow manage a killstreak of 20. That means getting 20 kills without dying – no mean feat. To make matters worse, scorestreak kills don’t count. You’ll have to rely on your gun alone to get you the kills.

If you do manage to knock up a 20 player killstreak, you’ll be able to use the nuke via a handy button that pops up on the screen. It says ‘Use Nuclear Bomb’ and topping on it does exactly what it says on the tin. But what does the nuke killstreak actually do? Well, unlike in previous console Call of Duty titles, it doesn’t actually end the game. Instead, it just kills every single enemy on the opposing team that’s currently alive.

The nuke killstreak is so rare that we’re yet to actually see it used in a match, so there’s no need to worry if you think it’s going to end up breaking the game. It’s the sort of rare that when you see it, you’ll be so impressed you won’t even be annoyed – even if it’s used against your team.