BitLife Stepfamily Update introduces a bunch of new features related to that other half of the family that you might not get on with quite so well. Stepparents, stepsiblings, and stepchildren are now ready to ruin your life in BitLife, just like in real life!

That’s not all though. Developer Candywriter has been hard at work introducing a number of features to the experience that you guys have requested for ages. That includes the possibility of being born as a first-generation immigrant, being adopted at birth, arranged marriage, free healthcare, and more.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about what the new update includes, and how you can make the most of the new features. If it’s something else you’re looking for, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to BitLife, where we’ve rounded up everything we’ve written so far about the world’s biggest text-based life simulator.

BitLife Stepfamily Update – New Features:

Stepparents, Stepsiblings, and Stepchildren

BitLife has introduced a bunch of new family members into the mix with the stepfamily update. This includes stepparents, stepsiblings, and stepchildren.

These function as they would in real life. If your parents get divorced (commiserations), they might now remarry. This means that you’ll not only get a new stepparent in BitLife, you might even get yourself a stepsibling! If you always wanted a brother or sister, here’s your chance.

BitLife is a progressive mobile game, so these stepparents might end up being of the same sex as your parent. You might end up with two mums or dads.

Also, this also applies to adult Bitizens. If you end up getting divorced, you can remarry, and your new partner might already have kids. You know what that means: stepchildren. Good luck dealing with those little devils.

First-Generation Immigrants and Arranged Marriages

BitLives have just got a lot more interesting, as you can now be born as a first-generation immigrant. That means you might have a joint-nationality, with your parents hailing from somewhere other than the place you’re born in.

Arranged marriages now also make an appearance in BitLife, with your parents possibly encouraging you to marry someone that they deem suitable. We’re not sure if you can reject their offer but we’d hope so.

The reason we’ve included arranged marriages in this section is that, according to the patch notes, arranged marriages are more popular immigrants in BitLife. So, if you’re born as a first-generation immigrant in a future play-through, be wary of the arranged marriage.

Adopted at Birth

BitLife might spring a new surprise at you during a new life: you might find out that you’ve been adopted. We’re not sure if you’ll know this from birth or find out in an upsetting matter later in life, but it’s sure to lead to interesting new BitLives.

Free Healthcare

If you’re born in a country that features free healthcare in real life, you’ll now get it in BitLife. That should help during BitLives where you want to earn or save up as much money as possible, so it’s definitely something new to bear in mind.

Child’s Last Name

You can now choose your baby’s last name at birth, so if you want it to match your partner’s or choose a completely new last name, that’s now an option.

The Dating App Just Got a Lot Better

The Dating App algorithm has been improved, which should lead to better matches. We’re not sure exactly what that means but it’s good news, we guess?