Call of Duty Mobile Gun Game has arrived, providing you with the challenge of being the first player to make a kill with every single weapon in the game in a free for all environment.

In this guide, we’re going to provide you with a bunch of tips and tricks to help you master the new game mode. We’ll start by explaining how it works before moving onto some more general tips.

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Call of Duty Mobile How to Play Gun Game:

Gun Game is a temporary mode available right now in Call of Duty Mobile that challenges you to get a kill with every single weapon in the game in a free-for-all environment.

To play, simply tap multiplayer on the main menu then tap on the mode selector at the bottom right of the screen. You’ll find Gun Game in the Featured section of the subsequent menu. Simply tap on it, hit confirm, and fire your way into a multiplayer match.

Call of Duty Mobile Gun Game – How it Works:

Gun Game is a challenging free for all multiplayer mode that involves trying to get a kill with every single weapon in the game, from the PDW to the knife.

The challenge ramps up considerably the more kills you get. The early rounds tend to focus on SMGs, assault rifles, and LMGs, which are easy to get kills with, before ramping up to sniper rifles, rocket launchers, shotguns, and even grenades and knives.

The first person to get a kill with every single weapon wins the game, so you do have to be fairly quick. Fortunately, there are a few mechanics that help you.

For a start, you’ve got a constant UAV, so you can keep an eye on the mini-map for nearby enemies. Then there’s the fact that there are a certain number of dedicated respawn points that you can camp for easy kills.

It’s not the most honourable approach, but if it works, it works. In fact, we strongly encourage all forms of dishonourable behaviour if it helps you to win.

Call of Duty Mobile Gun Game Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep an eye on your radar: Your UAV is active at all times, so use it. You never have to wonder where your opponents are in Gun Game because they’re lit up like a Christmas tree on your UAV.
  • Find a decent camping spot: Given that your opponents are constantly respawning all around you, it makes sense to stay in one place rather than run around getting shot from behind. This does mean you’ll have to find a decent spot though, that provides solid cover but gives you regular opponents to bring down.
  • The respawn points remain the same: On that note, we recommend finding an active respawn point and trying to get spawn kills. It’s not pretty, it’s not even honourable, but it is highly effective.
  • Practice with weapons you struggle with against AI: If you’re particularly struggling with a certain weapon or type of weapons, you can practice with it offline against AI opponents to master it. If you’re serious about your Gun Game, er, game, we recommend it.
  • Adapt your approach to suit the weapon: Not all weapons favour the same approach. Shotguns and SMGs require you to get up close and personal, while assault rifles and LMGs are effective everywhere. Sniper rifles benefit a greater distance while you almost feel like you rely on luck to get grenade and knife kills.