Our Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns Tier List will help you decide which gun is the best choice for you. The following ranked list is based on our time spent with the game, taking into account personal preference, statistics, and the guns that seem to be more commonly used than others. It might be that you prefer a weapon that’s lower on our list, and that’s okay. This is designed to help you find the gun that’s right for you.

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Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Weapons Tier List

Assault Rifles Tier 1


The ASM10 is our favourite Assault Rifle, and takes our crown as the best in its class in the game. It’s not quite the king of any statistic, but it doesn’t have any weaknesses either. It deals respectable damage, has manageable recoil, and solid range and fire rate. The first three bullets have much higher accuracy too, so if you control your bursts you’ll have an unstoppable force on your hands.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Assault Rifles Tier 2


If you can control the recoil, the AK-47 is absolutely unstoppable. It’s got the best damage in its class, deals excellent damage at long range, and has a respectable fire rate. It’s easily one of the most difficult Assault Rifle to use though, due to that insane recoil. That’s the only reason it’s not in our Tier 1 group.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange


The M16 is similar to the ASM10 in that it’s good at pretty much everything and is designed around that three round burst. That’s its only real weakness, though you’ll only really feel it in close quarters battles. It’s excellent at medium to long range, where its near non-existent recoil makes it deadly accurate. It’s only deals slightly less damage than the AK-47 too.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Assault Rifles Tier 3


The M4 is a supremely reliable Assault Rifle, and the best choice for beginners. What it lacks in damage and range it more than makes up for in accuracy. It shines at medium range, where you’ll easily manage the recoil. It could do with a range buff though, as right now it takes far too long to kill long range enemies.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangeG-Series Perk
4560706045Increase movement speed slightly for a little while upon respawning.


The BK57 is like a weaker version of the ASM10. Its stats are respectable across the board, but is let down by its poor damage rating. It’s not a bad Assault Rifle, we just reckon there are better options out there, and the BK57 doesn’t excel in any department. It wouldn’t be our first choice Assault Rifle.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangeAncient Runes Perk
4863656050Increases movement speed slightly upon respawning.


The LK24 shares the same problem as the BK57 in that its a respectable weapon but doesn’t excel in any particular area. There are much better options in the Assault Rifle class group.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange


The AK117 is up there with the best in terms of fire rate, but its let down by its low range. If fire rate is your priority, we’d argue you’re better off with an SMG anyway. If you insist on using an Assault Rifle for that teensy bit extra range, this is the option for you.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Assault Rifles Tier 4

Type 25

The Type 25 is our least favourite Assault Rifle. It has best in class fire rate but the lowest range and difficult recoil. It basically wants to be an SMG, but there are way better options in that class type. We recommend skipping this one entirely, and opting for the AK117 if you want an Assault Rifle with a decent fire rate.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Call of Duty Mobile Sniper Rifle Weapons Tier List

Sniper Rifles Tier 1


There is no such thing as a bad Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. Every single one of them is epic in its own right, so pick whatever you feel most comfortable with. Our pick of the bunch is the XPR-50 though. It’s the most forgiving of all of them, thanks to its almost Assault Rifle class fire rate. It’s also got very manageable recoil and, like all Sniper Rifles, deals insane damage.

There’s also the added bonus of the automatic reloading perk on every single XPR-50 currently available in the game.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
8040554590Weapon kills grant a chance to reload one bullet into the magazine.

Sniper Rifles Tier 2


The M21 EBR is our second favourite Sniper Rifle, featuring similar stats to the XPR-50. It trades a little more range for a slightly slower fire rate. Given that very few maps are quite big enough to justify the extra range, we’d opt for the XPR-50 if possible. You also don’t get a nifty little perk on the M21 EBR.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Sniper Rifles Tier 3

Arctic .50

The Arctic .50 is our third favourite Sniper. It features higher damage than either of the previous two options but features a considerably slower fire rate. We’d argue that the previous two Snipers are more forgiving than the Arctic .50.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Sniper Rifles Tier 4

DL Q33

As we mentioned earlier, no Sniper Rifles are bad in Call of Duty Mobile. Something has to go last though, and sadly the DL Q33 is our least favourite Sniper Rifle. It has the best damage in its class, and joint best range, but features a very slow fire rate. You have to be deadly accurate with the DL Q33, as it has very little margin for error.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Call of Duty Mobile LMG Weapons Tier List

LMGs Tier 1


The M4LMG is our favourite LMG, due to its all-round solid statistics. In its class, it has no real weaknesses, featuring solid damage, accuracy, and fire rate. The Ribbon Explosion variant also features a perk that lets you reload faster when the magazine is low, mitigating one of the biggest issues with the LMG class.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
6055604045Reload a little bit faster when mag is low.

LMGs Tier 2


The UL736 is our second favourite LMG. The recoil is less manageable than the M4LMG but it makes up for it a bit with a lot more damage and a slightly higher rate of fire. It’s very similar to the RPD, just a lot better.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

LMGs Tier 3


The RPG is our third favourite LMG. It’s an all-round similar weapon to our favourite M4LMG but features far lower accuracy. It’s far from a bad weapon, but the recoil makes either of our two most favourite LMGs a better option.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

LMGs Tier 4


The S36 might have the best fire rate and damage in its class, but you’ll struggle to manage the crazy recoil. It’s best at close range, but if you prefer to get personal you might as well take an SMG.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Call of Duty Mobile SMG Weapons Tier List

SMGs Tier 1


The Chicom is easily the finest SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s an all-rounder with solid damage, accuracy, fire rate, and mobility. Like all SMGs, it does lack in the range department, but it’s actually not that far off the lower-ranged Assault Rifles. It also reloads faster upon a kill. This is easily one of the best weapons in game.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
7565608040Weapon kills increase weapon reload speed.

SMGs Tier 2


We’re huge fans of the AKS-74U. You unlock it really early on, and it’s a solid SMG. The damage and mobility is excellent, the fire rate and accuracy reliable, and the range pretty consistent with the other SMGs. It may well remain your go-to weapon for hours.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

SMGs Tier 3


The MSMC features low range and moderate recoil, but makes up for it with an excellent fire rate and unparalleled mobility. If you’re happy zooming around the map and getting really close to the opposition, the poor recoil and range likely won’t even bother you. Still, it’s a riskier choice than our tier 1 and 2 SMGs.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
7570458030Weapon kills increase weapon reload speed.

HG 40

The HG 40 is a reliable, if unspectacular SMG. It’s one of those weapons that you can’t help but feel wants to be another type, in this case the Assault Rifle. It might deal solid damage with low recoil, but its range is a little too low to use in place of an Assault Rifle. It also has a low fire rate for an SMG, so if you get close you’ll likely lose out to any Shotgun or SMG-wielding opponent.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

SMGs Tier 4


The PDW will no doubt have its fans due to its insanely high damage that rivals that of a Sniper Rifle. It’s also one of the first weapons you’ll unlock, as it’s a day two reward. But don’t let any of that fool you. The range is incredibly low, so you’re going to have to get in real close if you want to be effective. It doesn’t help that the mobility, for an SMG, isn’t great, so you won’t move at quite the pace you’d like to. Finally, you’ll have to deal with recoil, making your life more difficult, and the fire rate is low for an SMG. You’re simply better off using a Shotgun if you just want to deal insane damage at close range.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
9050407525Weapon kills increase weapon reload speed.

Call of Duty Mobile Shotgun Weapons Tier List

Shotguns Tier 1


The HS2126 is our favourite Shotgun due to its forgiving margin for error. There are more powerful Shotguns available in Call of Duty Mobile, but you’ll have to make sure you hit your target first time first time or you’re going down. Not so with the HS2126, which has a solid fire rate that allows you to recover from an error.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
7545708015Weapon kills increase movement speed for a little while.

Shotguns Tier 2


The HS0405 is the opposite extreme to the HS2126, and experts will probably prefer it if they can work with the very slow fire rate. You’re really going to need to be accurate with this shotgun, as if you miss and they don’t go down you’re in serious trouble. It does offer twice the range of the HS2126 though, so you don’t have to get quite as close.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRangePerk
905857530Weapon kills increase movement speed for a little while.

Shotguns Tier 3


The BY15 is the default Shotgun, and it’s a reliable beast. It falls in between our tier 1 and tier 2 options, and is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades if you don’t feel like specialising between damage or fire rate.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange

Shotguns Tier 4


There are no bad Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile, and the Striker is far from a bad gun. We simply find it the weakest of the options available.

DamageFire RateAccuracyMobilityRange