Our How to Level up Fast Call of Duty Mobile Guide will provide you with all you need to smash through the person levels in Activision and Tencent’s latest mobile shooter.

We’ll walk you through the many different ways in which you can earn XP before providing a bunch of tips and tricks that we’ve picked up while playing to level up super fast.

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Call of Duty Mobile: Ways of Earning XP

You earn XP in Call of Duty Mobile by, as you can probably guess, playing the game. Every time you boot into a multiplayer or battle royale match you’ll earn XP based on your performance when the match is over.

There is one exception to this rule though: you won’t earn experience from offline matches against the AI. That would be too easy to game, as you could rack up an insane number of kills against the easy AI.

However, provided you play online you’ll get showered with experience no matter the mode you play. This includes ranked and unranked multiplayer, and battle royale in third or first person, squad or solo.


You don’t just get a flat number of experience points per match though – it’s all based on your performance. In multiplayer, you’ll earn experience based on the following modifiers:

  • Kill: Number of kills
  • Time: How long it took you to complete the objective
  • Win: You gain more XP for a win than a loss
  • Clan: Join a Clan to get an XP bonus
  • Buff: Bonus experience gained during an event

You’ll also gain a flat number of weapon XP points based on how much you used that weapon during the match. So, if you split between two SMGs and used one more than the other, gaining more kills, you’ll earn more weapon XP for that weapon than the other.

Battle royale provides experience for exactly the same modifiers, with slight differences:

  • Kill: Number of kills
  • Time: Time spent alive
  • Earned Rank: How much Rank you earned (based on your performance)
  • Clan: Join a Clan to get an XP bonus
  • Buff: Bonus experience gained during an event

Rather than provide you with experience for the weapons you use during battle royale, it provides you with weapon XP tokens you can spend on your favourites. The number you earn depends on your performance during the match.

How to Level up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile

Now that you understand the many different ways in which you can gain experience, let’s take a look at a few specific tips and tricks on how to gain the most.

  • Join a Clan: You get bonus XP each match just for being in a Clan, so it makes sense to join one if gaining XP is a goal. There are many Clans in the Clan tab that you can apply for, or simply join depending on their requirements.
  • Play the mode you’re best at: No matter the mode, you earn the most experience depending on your performance, so it makes sense to pick the mode you perform the best in. Try them all a bunch of times to see which you’re the most talented at.
  • Battle royale is an incredibly lucrative source of XP: If you’re good at it, battle royale is an incredibly lucrative source of XP. If you can regularly make it into the top five, you’ll more than enough XP to justify the length of time it takes.
  • Binge Call of Duty Mobile during an XP event: Activision and Tencent hold regular XP events to help you level up, and pretty much every weekend has some kind of event going on. Use these to your advantage and binge play during these weekends.
  • Objective modes like Domination and Search and Destroy are a solid source of XP: If battle royale isn’t your idea of a good time, we recommend instead checking out the objective multiplayer modes like Domination or Search and Destroy. These provide you with a ton of XP, provided you perform well.